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How Progress Can Become a Resource

Updated on June 13, 2017
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Bob Craypoe (also known as R. L. Crepeau) is a musician, writer, webmaster, 3D artist, and creator of the Punksters comic strip series.

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Most reasonable people would probably agree that progress is a good thing. But sometimes it could actually be better than we think. Sometimes progress in some areas will create resources that could be used to help enable success in other areas.

This is often referred to as leverage; when success in one area is used to enable success in another area. Let's use what I have done in the past as examples in order to drive the point home.

I have done a good number of things that were entrepreneurial in nature. Most of them were basically dealing with arts related and internet related endeavors. I am a webmaster, a musician, 3D artist, comic strip creator and I kind of do this article writing thing, as you may have noticed.

My first experience on the Internet as it would pertain to any form of success was the creation of my various websites. One in particular began to draw a lot of visitors. This created a number of advantages for me. For starters, I was making money from the site itself with the help of affiliate programs and so forth. Money itself can be considered a resource, in that it could be used for advertising or to purchase necessary business related equipment, supplies, software, etc.

Since the site was drawing traffic, I was also then able to use it as a means of promoting my other work. I could use it to promote my music, my e-books, my other websites, 3D art and so on. I could also use it to direct traffic to other locations on the Internet. Most of those locations were sites that featured my other works, projects, products or businesses.

I was even able to use my websites as a means of promoting my webmaster abilities and was able to get a few jobs creating websites for others. Much of the money I made as a result of having created the website were peripheral and not directly from the website itself. I just used it as a means of enabling success in other areas. In other words, I used it for leverage.

So, as I have already mentioned and you may have already noticed, I write articles as well. I can now use my websites to promote my articles. I could also use my articles to promote everything else I do as well. They can all work together to promote each other. they could all be used as leverage to enable or to enhance each others' success.

Part of what makes an article writer worth anything is not just his or her writing ability. Often, a writer's experience can be most helpful. My experience helps me to be able to write what I hope to be helpful articles for others to read in order to use as a learning resource for the pursuit of their own goals. Hopefully a time saver as well. Many of the things I learned, I learned either the hard way or through trial and error. My hope is that I could save others a lot of time and help them to avoid many of the same mistakes I have made. Maybe I could put people on a better path that will get them to where they are going faster.

I have even used a number of my articles that I have written in the past to create e-books. I just compiled the material related to a certain subject and released e-books created from the compilations. So each article itself was sort of a baby step to the overall goal of creating an e-book. They were just another resource used to create success or at least to increase the likelihood of success in another area. In this case it was e-book creation and sales.

Hey, I'm not a multi-millionaire and I don't pretend to be. In fact, if I ever become delusional regarding that, I could just simply look at my bank statements to bring me back to reality. However, I do have some experience in some matters and I believe that I am capable of offering some advice that could help enable others to become more successful. Perhaps there is an approach that I have taken that someone else has not yet tried. Also, I have approached things from many a different angle as well.

Sometimes when trying to pursue a goal, you try to attack things from only one angle or with only one approach. When you start to notice that maybe you are not making progress as fast as you would like, it might be time to try another approach or to attack things from a new angle.

So the first thing you should think about is what are your current resources. You have to think of how the resources available to you could be put to use in the pursuit of your various goals. You have to think of how those resources could be used to help enable success in other areas.

Then, after achieving some success in various areas, look at what you have created in the process. Could those new creations of yours be used as leverage to help enable success in other areas? Could they be used as tools for another trade?

This is a concept that could be applied in many areas or scenarios; whether it is in a corporate business management capacity, entrepreneurial capacity or even used by someone who is doing freelance related work. Sometimes it could even be used just to increase profits or improve profit margins. So give this concept a good go of it and see how it works for you. Hey, you never know.


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