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How Responsible Are You

Updated on May 30, 2008

The Newspaper Delivery Man

Is a Delivery man responsible to ensure safety of products he delivers? Should he care and be responsible for the convenience of the general public? Should companies be responsible to educate their staff to be responsible workers?

Every late afternoon, a truck will come by my estate to leave a pile of newspaper inserts for the main newspaper like Straits Times or ZaoBao. This young delivery man will come with his girl friend in a truck to leave stacks of newspaper inserts in a sheltered place at my block. The stacks of paper will only be taken aside in the wee morning hours to placed together with the main newspaper. That means it is going to be there the whole night. See the picture below to understand. Sometimes there are really multiple stacks. What you are seeing in the picture is only a quarter of what the daily amount is.

I stopped him one day and told him he cannot place it under the shelter. When it rains, residents need that place to let passengers alight from their cars. Sometimes ambulance need that place to attend to emergencies. I told him he is causing inconvenience to the residents here. His response was just simple.... "Who cares".... "I have so much to unload".... I advise him to place the papers in the void deck which is just a few more steps away.... well.... my advice was ignored totally. I think.... to him, a few steps is just too much for him, he just wants the easiest way out. I always wanted to take a photo of this situation and get it hubbed or blogged and finally I did.

Can the companies responsible for all these deliveries be responsible enough to teach their employees to think of the general majority who will be inconvenienced by his single act..... just for his convenience. Does the employee has that mentality..... I am paid peanuts.... so I can just monkey around at my convenience.

Any comments, or have such situations ever happened to you or in your neighbourhood, because someone else just think that as long as it is convenient for him, it is OK.

Irresponsible Piece of Work

Stacked Newspaper at 6pm
Stacked Newspaper at 6pm
More Stacked and Blocking at 11pm - Irresponsible!
More Stacked and Blocking at 11pm - Irresponsible!
Newspaper stacked in void deck - Great!
Newspaper stacked in void deck - Great!


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  • profile image

    Jolly Tan 9 years ago

    A friend of mine just told me that I should post this in STOMP! Should this made more public so that people learn to do things responsibly.