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Business Analyse - Business Requirements Process Step By Step - Business Gathering Requirements

Updated on August 27, 2014

Business Gathering Cake Analysis Process

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Business Requirements Gathering Process Made Easy

Business Requirements only describes business needs. There is no system without business requirements. The process is basically answering "Why", "what" and "how" to achieve your solution.

  • Business Requirement is a high level definition of what the business needs as far as a solutions (how to solve the problem).
  • User Requirements is what the User or Stakeholders MUST receive from the system.
  • System Requirements is how the system will do what it does to accommodate the Stakeholders (users) needs.

What does your system need to make it work? Well, the requirements will tell you...

In laymen's terms; you say what you want and need for your end users and your analyst team comes up with solutions to help meet this requirement (solution).

The process of gathering information comes from asking a lot of question to the people directly affected to the business opportunity( requirement) at hand.You first must become knowledgeable with an current business process and translating it to the same people that hired you to help them make a decision about a possible solution with out assuming the outcome.

This is normally done when a software is needed and the business team needs to communicate to the IT teams what their needs are. I just wanted to keep it simple for new BA's or anyone curious about RE.

The big business minds may know what they want but they are smart enough to hire special people to help them get what they need while avoiding tragedies by not knowing the future impact to their current business structure.

This can be done by hiring a (BA) Business Analyst. The BA will begin the business requirement analysis process by becoming familiar with the current business process and translating it into simpler text and diagrams.

Businesses of all sorts hire inside or outside teams of people or a person to come in and connect the business and technical departments with their skills to analyse and make diagrams of otherwise difficult to understand processes.Once this is done the business requirement from the people that are paying when they understand the the BA has a very good understanding of their needs.

Requirement Elicitation To Uncover Potential Business Opportunities

Bake me a cake. Measurable Requirements

Requirement Elicitation  Process : What size do you want your cake? What color should it be? How many people should it serve? We need 3 layers with butter cream icing. We must use xyz as a decorative topping etc...
Requirement Elicitation Process : What size do you want your cake? What color should it be? How many people should it serve? We need 3 layers with butter cream icing. We must use xyz as a decorative topping etc...

A company finds it's opportunity/problem to solve and needs to strategically plan the best way to have beneficial solution through the requirement elicitation process.

The elicitation (requirement gathering) process begins when the business opportunity presents itself. There is a person called the project manager that overlooks the whole project . However there is a (BA) Business Analysis the is in charge of gathering all information about the business and document how it runs currently which is called the "TO BE" model.

During the elicitation process the BA is responsible for very detailed but easy to understand reports and graphs showing the current process to all business associates affected by new changes. This process is important to bring all levels of understanding to one simple level to insure well informed decisions. These diagrams will show different scenarios and impacts to the business once employed without actually doing so.

Once the final diagrams and or graphs are approved (by project sponsor) after the design team expresses clear understanding, they are then coded by the design team to make a working prototype or system to be tested.

The testers which will be some of the people that will be the customers are end users of the finished product will use the product or system and give their valued input. After sufficient testing more diagrams will be made to ensure proper understanding and more testing until project is signed off by project sponsor. The product is now ready for deployment.

As you can see Requirement gathering has to do with a lot of reading and investigation to learn about any business before being able to help with business needs, Business Requirement is the first step of the System Development Life Cycle in any business opportunity seeking a business solution.

I will show you an example of requirements (Bake A Cake) can be put in simpler text form and activity process that you can understand.


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