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How To Achieve Your Goals In 2013

Updated on January 3, 2013
Getting to the top is a goal
Getting to the top is a goal | Source

It is the New Year and by now I believe everyone in the world should have entered 2013. I had to wait 6 hours before I could wish my friends in the US a happy new year.

Okay, 2012 has gone with all the things we were unable to achieve and here we are with a clean slate of 2013. This new year gives us just another chance to make things right and we cannot afford to misuse the opportunity. We really limit our achievements if we don't set goals for ourselves. Most times when we are pushed outside our comfort zone, we tend to do things that beat our own imaginations. So in 2013, we need to set goals. Even if you say "I don't think I can start now because I have not been doing it before", this is a new year and as I said earlier, it is a new slate. Forget about the old habits that did not get you anywhere and learn something new.

What Goals Are

What are goals?

A goal can be said to be a desirable end result that has one or more objectives to be achieved within a fixed time frame. Your goals or goal as the case may be, is the main thing you intend to achieve within a particular time frame, in this case 2013. Your objectives then are like different tasks you have to complete before attaining that goal of yours.

Goals are for the long term and may not be strictly measurable or tangible. Your objectives however has to be measurable.

Goal Setting

In order to make progress in life, we need to set goals for ourselves. Goals are statements of what you want and intend to achieve. It is very important to note here that you have to be very careful what you say to yourself. Most times when you have this occasional chat with yourself, you tend to water-down your whole being. This should not be the case. We are to speak positive things like "This year I want to have the highest hubber score" and then set our objectives. How do I intend to have the highest hubber score? Well I would have to contribute more in forums, publish quality hubs and so on. Goal setting gives us a focus for the year. You can take a look at Five great online writing goals for 2013

The joy of achieving your goals
The joy of achieving your goals | Source

Achieving Your Goals

There are a few steps i would like us to follow in order to achieve our goals in 2013. The following are steps to take in order to achieve your goals in 2013:

1. Discover your goals: Look inside you to find out what you really want to achieve. Do you want to graduate from college this year? Do you want to be a better mother or wife? Whatever you wish to achieve this year can be your goal.

2. Write them down: There is something great about things we write down. I once heard that the faintest pen is sharper than the brightest brain. This means we have a greater tendency to remember things we write down. So after getting what our goals for 2013 is, we have to write it down boldly and clearly.

3. Get your objectives: Objectives are like milestones we need to complete on our way to achieving our goal. Break your goal down to objectives. How do you intend to be a better wife or mother? Maybe by dedicating more time to your husband or kids, by showing more care and love, or by taking the kids to school. Achieving these objectives would help you achieve your goal.

4. Make it fun: Well, due to the fact that at some point pursuing your goal may get boring, I will suggest you enlist a friend. Find someone with a similar goal to yours and then turn it into something like a game. You set time limits on each objective and then meet at a fixed time and place to discuss each one of you's progress. This goes a long way in helping me achieve my goals.

5. Make people aware: Most times our goals are always kept secret. While we might have valid reasons for this, I believe it also gives us the opportunity to give up easily. When nobody else knows about your goals for 2013, you can easily give up by March and get back to living how you used to. On the other hand, if you make it known to people, that for example, you want to quit smoking, you would be compelled to quit because people would be watching and if they find you with a cigar, you are instantly reminded of your goal. Making people know about your goal or goals help a lot.


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    • Joseph Muendo profile image

      Joseph Muendo 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Thanks for info.

    • TheShawl profile image

      Funbi Adeleke 5 years ago from Nigeria

      yeah! it's nice to reward yourself after overcoming a milestone. Great one there soconfident.

    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 5 years ago

      Great points you have. You can also keep track of your progress so you can know where you are at and how far you got to go. Also reward yourself after overcoming a milestone.

    • davidlivermore profile image

      David Livermore 5 years ago from Bakersfield, California, United States

      This is something that could apply every year. But with goals of my own, these tips can help me out. Nice hub. Voted up and pinned.