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How To Be The Best Boss

Updated on June 6, 2012

Letting your employees know they are appreciated and respected encourages them to perform well. It sets the stage for a better working environment and better working relationships. if your employee is highly skilled and a good worker yet does not feel appreciated, he will find a job elsewhere if the problem cannot be solved. 

How Can I Know if There is a Problem?

When your employees are unhappy with their working environment they are unwilling to communicate with you and are not enthusiastic about their work. They may become disrespectful towards you or their coworkers and make simple mistakes in areas they have mastered before. You may or may not be the reason for the problem but it is your responsibility as the boss that your employees are treated well and do their work well.

Here are a few tips on how to be the best boss you can be:

1. Respect Their Personal Space

You are responsible for keeping the work space at its best. This does not mean it is right for you to intrude on your workers personal space. Do not pick up their personal papers, bags, food or personal items without permission.

2. Do Not Gossip

It is very unbecoming and irritating when you constantly tell your employees how much you dislike the landlord or how insecure your janitor is or how manipulative your partner is. Your employees should not hear that. It shows that you are not trustworthy or genuine and they will lose respect for you.

3. Address Employees Respectfully

If you want Jody Malcolm's attention do not shout 'HEY!", "You!", "My Lady!", or any other informal greetings, especially if their clients or costumers are within earshot. Address them properly. Say Ms./Mrs. Malcolm. If your employees are OK with you addressing them by their first name and has expressed it as such you may do so.

4. Commend Your Workers

Everyone loves to hear that they have done a good job, no matter how small a job it was. Applauding your workers on a job well done is encouraging to the worker and will encourage other workers to do a good job. Commending them shows that you are paying attention to what they are doing.

5. Stem Your Use of Profanity

Dousing your sentences with profanity is unintelligent and unprofessional.  

Allow your employees to actively contribute to the success of the business
Allow your employees to actively contribute to the success of the business | Source

6. Give Clear Instructions and Information

Keep in mind that your employees will not always understand your instructions. Try not to give ambiguous information and instructions as the wrong interpretation may be detrimental to the business. Allow and encourage your employees to ask questions without the fear of being ridiculed.

7. Educate Your Employees on Your Goals for the Business

You have specific goals for your business but you should not be the only one doing all of the work to get there. Your employees need to know and be able to contribute to the success of the business. They will not be able to help  you to steer the business in the right direction if they do not know what your business goals are. 


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    • Story Page profile image

      Story Page 6 years ago from England, the UK

      Useful, hope it is helpful to those who struggle to get it right.

    • Loi-Renee profile image

      Loi-Renee 6 years ago from Jamaica

      Thank you!

    • LaMari profile image

      LaMari 6 years ago

      This was excellent!!!