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How To Become Rich Without Winning The Lottery

Updated on May 31, 2011

Most people have a desire to be rich and prosperous. It is not a secret that our society values money and the accumulation of objects. It is like we have a great desire to feel accepted by other people, and therefore need money to satisfy this desire.

Hopefully, making money in fact is not really as difficult as it might seem at first. One can make lots of money and still have a perfectly balanced life. One the other hand, many people go through life as workaholics, and never achieve the so desired result of becoming rich.

In order to achieve your dreams, it is not enough to desire and stay in your chair dreaming about what you want. Although some people think that you can just think and wait until what you want to materialize, reality has show time after time that this is not the best method for becoming rich.

Here are a few methods that, instead, have been used by people that succeeded at becoming rich:

Don’t just wait, do something

The first think you have to remember in your journey to become rich is that the prize goes to the ones that do something, not to the ones that just wait. The waiting game is not where you want to be, because your time is the most important resource that each human being has. If you really want to do something important, you need to act now. Especially if you are trying to do something that will be of high importance, it is necessary to act. And the best moment to act is now.

Have control over what you do

The second thing that is a common theme among everyone that has become rich is that they control the things they do. For example, a entrepreneur is the most visible case where one person has control over an entire company (or large parts of it). But the same happens everywhere large wealth is created. You need to control you work, or at least a good part of it.

Notice that this last remark almost immediately removes from consideration salaried positions. One of the worst things about working for somebody else is that you are not the owner of the things you are doing. So, most of the time you are selling yourself cheap... Even if you improve as a professional, if you learn new things and are able to create something entirely new, this won't make you wealthier: all the wealth will be controlled by your employer, and you are left with only some value that was contracted between you two. If you are a mediocre person, this might be a good arrangement (at least until your employer fire you for good reason). But if you are good professional, this is one of the worst arrangements from your point of view.

Involve other people in your work

To become rich, you depend on many people. There is no way to become rich without help of somebody else, because becoming rich by definition involve the fact that somebody will hand money for the services or products you are creating. Now, the earlier in the process you involve other people, the better, because they will have others that are interested in your success.

Some people think that the best of the worlds is to be rich and not to depend on anyone else for this to happen. This is poor thinking, because there is always a limit on what you can do alone. What really allows people to become very rich is that fact that they are creating something that is of interest of millions of people. If you don't have enough people on your side, it is also guaranteed that you will not make much money. You can even become well off financially, but you won't be able to scale your wealth to become truly rich.


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    • profile image

      mymoneywish 5 years ago

      Winning the lottery would be nice though! :)

      Thanks for the informative and useful hub. Shared and am now one of your followers.

    • Stephan_Calgary profile image

      Stephan_Calgary 6 years ago from Calgary

      This is a very intersting hub!

    • profile image

      llottery 8 years ago

      Very good info. I go through life as a workaholics and now its time to end the cycle.

    • profile image

      kaitlyne 9 years ago from USA

      NICE HUB

      today im very happy because your posting information is more attractive and inspiring me