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How To Become The Best Salesperson And Break A New Sales Record

Updated on March 13, 2012
make more money as a salesperson
make more money as a salesperson

Best Marketing and Sales Practices

Do you want to become the best salesperson and break a new sales record in your sales career? Do you want to succeed fast as a salesperson? Do you want to sell more of your products or services in lesser timeframe? Or you want to market that product or service that has proven so difficult to market? If you have answered yes to all or any of the questions above, then look no further because this short professional marketing and selling secrets I am about to reveal in this article, will surely equip, rekindle and provoke your marketing and selling skills. Before I forge ahead, let me make it clear here that I am of the belief that anyone reading this very article must have already had a foundation in professional marketing and selling skills. Haven ascertained that, you will permit me to omit certain theories and literatures on marketing and selling, as we go straight to discussing the practical things you need to do to achieve your target of becoming the best salesperson in your sales career. Also, if you are looking for the fastest way to become a millionaire, then must join sales and marketing of products and services, both online and offline. History has proven that the fastest way for any young person or person in general, to become rich, is through marketing other peoples’ products and services, why? Because you do not require a startup capital or an office, all you need is the necessary marketing and selling skills, and some nice clothes for a start and off you go! I never knew this until I joined the sales team recently, and it has been very rewarding both financially and time-wise, so what are you waiting for?

Marketing and selling are the hub of every profit-making business, no matter what they are into- be it service rendering, product manufacturing, etc, because no profit-making company or organization succeeds without selling. In fact, a company can be rendering the best service in the world or manufacturing the most needed product in the world, and still end up making nothing from it, if it is not marketed or sold, whereas another company may be rendering the worst service or manufacturing the least needed product in an environment and still end up making huge amount of income from it through proper marketing and selling strategies. This is the single reason why we see companies, organizations and brand owners hiring stars and celebrities with huge amount of money just to hype their products and services for fast selling results. What am I trying to say in essence? That a profit-making organization cannot survive without selling, and hence, a company cannot succeed without a salesperson. For this reason alone, salespersons are amongst the most valued persons in every profit-making organization, except the company has developed a large customer base.

Selling is as important as the continued existence of the company itself because when a company makes no sale, the account department will not see any invoice to handle or even to talk of balancing sheets. In the same vein, no new raw materials will be ordered, and hence, the production department becomes inactive and dormant, hence no returns will be made, and probably the company will go bankrupt and winds up.

Therefore, as a salesperson, you should see yourself as a solutions’ provider and also as the prime-mover of the organization, because without sales, a company is as good as nothing. Again, do not join the sales team out of desperation or with less ambition. Remember that a salesperson should be self-motivating, ambitious and confident at all times.

To achieve your target of becoming the best salesperson that will make more sales within the shortest period of time, follow the tips I summarized below.

Marketing and Sales Tips

Dress professional always- your success or failure as a salesperson begins with your appearance. If you dress shabbily, or wear tattered clothes, hair, beard, tie, or shoe, and you are marketing a product of value, then be rest assured that you will definitely not succeed, it is as simple as that. Take for instance, a man walks up to you wearing a shabby looking blazer, a torn shirt, tattered hair and a bushy beard with a half-knot tie, to market a new brand of car worth say, $70,000. How would you react? Obviously you will see him as a Constar looking for whom to defraud, simply because he didn’t look professional as one selling something of value. That’s just the truth; people access you first before deciding to buy your product or service. Therefore, it is important that you dress and look professional if you have chosen to be a salesperson. Iron your clothes properly, shine your shoes always, shave properly, wear good perfumes, always appear neat and tidy, and for the ladies, always wear a professional hairstyle, dress corporate and not provocative (depending on the product you are marketing and your mission), and always wear a good smile.

Make sure your marketing tools are all in place before you leave the office to meet a prospect- these includes your product fliers, stickers, short literature, CDs, manuals, hand bills, your call card, price lists, etc. Make sure you check and recheck them before leaving the office each time.

Make sure you are selling what you love and trust, if you don’t develop one- when you’re selling something you do not like, you are bound not to succeed because you will always end up in a self-condemnation, and every negative response from a prospect will be like a doom.

Handle every prospect (potential and existing customer) with a positive attitude- Do not under rate any prospect, no matter their appearance. And always have it at the back of your mind that your prospect is the secret to your sales success and breakthrough, so always handle them with dignity, and treat each prospect as a king or queen.

Do not see a negative response from a prospect as a doom- whenever you receive a negative response or turn down from a prospect, don’t see it as a doom or a failure, instead, see it as a challenge and then re-strategize and strike again in an improved way.

Perseverance is your watchdog as a salesperson- sales success doesn’t always come so easy, but once started, runs like a spring, so keep trying with faith and joy. In order words, don’t quit prospecting a particular unyielding prospect; most times they are the best, and always bring the greatest sales success, so keep trying again and again with faith and joy.

Befriend your prospects- if possible, get to know their special days and acknowledge such days through warm sms or email messages, viz. birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc.

Treat all persons in your prospect environment with respect- whenever you enter into a new prospect environment or premises, treat every person with respect and friendliness; be it the security personnel, front desk officer, secretary, etc, because your success might lie with them.

Always apply the 20-80 rule- speak 20% of the time and let the prospect speak 80% during your interaction. This will enable you to gain more information, and to also know the prospect’s mind and interest in your product.

Research and Plan- always research about the product’s history, competitors, and plan ahead.

Warning: do not join the sales team just to make ends meet, see it as a profession and be proud of being a salesperson, if not, you may not succeed.

Sample sales entry statements that will win you the attention of the prospect

1. Sir/Ma, I understand very well that you’re a very busy person, and I must apologize for taking a portion of your schedule today…I am so so, so person from so so, so company. Sir/Ma, will you be interested in an idea that will boost your company’s monthly marginal profit by 35% at a very minimal cost?

2. “Sir/Ma, I am here to offer you an idea that will help your organization cut down on your logistics cost. Will you be interested in such idea sir/ma?”

Try the above entry statement and watch out the reaction of the prospect. After getting his or her positive response, you can continue like this: can I ask you a few question about your business sir?He or She will definitely say ‘go ahead,’ from there, you can continue, but remember the rules- make a first good impression…

How Do You Penetrate a Difficult Prospect Market?

- Make a very good first impression within the first 45 seconds

- Focus on the benefits you want to offer to the prospect, and not just on selling your product or service

- Request for a product presentation

- Get to know a staff and ask for the number of the contact person

- Make use of sms if you succeed in getting the contact phone number of the contact person

Finally, don’t be afraid to lose a battle, focus on winning the war, good luck!


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    • accofranco profile image

      accofranco 3 years ago from L Island

      Hahaha...thanks for the constructive criticism and polite correction @Ben Zoltak. I am glad you found the hub informative. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Ben Zoltak profile image

      Ben Zoltak 3 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

      Great information here, keep up the good work. Some of your English seems to have an accent, but not so much that it can't be understood. I probably have one too haha, but it can be leveraged in it's own way to your advantage, maybe in a colloquial way that people with pristine English may not. I've never heard of the 20/80% rule, perfect!