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How To Build a Passionate Workplace

Updated on February 21, 2018
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Rahma loves traveling, technology & food. Being a millennial herself, she loves to write about the challenges faced by millennials every day

Why your Workplace should be a Happy place?

The workplace is our second home as we spend almost 8-10 hours every day, 5 days a week at our workplaces. Moreover, once we are back home, we are engaged in work-related calls or emails very often. When such a big portion of our time is spent being engaged in our jobs, therefore, it is necessary to have passion and flair for the job, otherwise, it will become only a source of income which is mandatory to survive without any enthusiasm and motivation to do better.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

— Confucius

A happy workplace is important not only for the employees but for the employers too. It is very crucial for employers to keep their employees satisfied so they love their job without taking it only as a means to earn bread. Satisfied employees are the biggest asset to any company. When an employee will have likeliness towards his work, he will add more dedication to accomplish the tasks. He will see every milestone reached at work, as a personal achievement and thus he will strive harder to reach it every time.

To revamp this passion at the workplace, employers have to take several steps to create the right culture of work in the workplace:

1. Hire the right people

The first and foremost rule of creating passion in the workplace is hiring right people. Right people are the ones who are motivated for the job and have goals associated with it. This includes people who do not see the job only as another experience on their CVs but are inspired to do so. These people take the job as a passion which they would love to do and which will help them to grow every day. They see their personal benefits and interests in the job and will put their maximum potential to get the best possible outcome.

2. Give opportunities to grow

Being stuck in a job where you do not see any improvement in yourself can be the most frustrating thing. Personal growth is more important than growing your career only in terms of earnings. To maintain a passionate culture, employees should be given opportunities to grow. This can be in form of introducing new business ideas, taking up different projects or shuffling the employees between different departments so everyone gets a chance to learn something new and they don’t get bored with the monotonous routine.

3. Communication Matters

Communication is very important in both directions. Employers should consider employees as an asset and should involve them in decision-making. It is important to regularly discuss with them and let them highlight their successes with the company as well as their losses. This makes them feel that employer values their personal growth along with the company's work. They feel their words are respected and they can discuss their problems. It gives the employee a sense of security and trust.

4. Improve peer relationships

For a healthy culture at the workplace, peer interaction is very important, otherwise, it gets tedious and tiresome. Passionate workplace requires excellent coordination between colleagues, facilitating the exchange of ideas and expertise at the same time. Such culture should be cultivated in the fertile workplace, which is aimed towards generating personal and professional growth opportunities for the employees.

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