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How To Buy Iraqi Dinar On Ebay

Updated on December 3, 2014

Buying Iraqi Dinar On Ebay

Buying Iraqi Dinar on Ebay
Buying Iraqi Dinar on Ebay | Source

How To Purchase Iraqi Dinar On Ebay

If you're looking to purchase Iraqi Dinar eBay can be a great place to make that purchase. Unlike traditional Dinar sellers which typically only accept Bankwires which can be costly, up to $40, or cashiers checks which are costly and drag out the buying experience, on eBay you can pay with Paypal, Debit Card, or Credit Card.

Not only does that make the transaction quicker and easier but also provides a bit of protection for you as the buyer with both eBay and Paypals buyer protection program plus your credit cards dispute process.

In addition to being convenient the whole auction format of eBay with many sellers creates and atmosphere of competition and keeps prices low. You also will find some Treasury Registered sellers who you may be familiar with outside of eBay as well.

Ebay also has the feedback system which allows you to vet potential Dinar sellers based on previous customers experiences so you know what others have to say and if you should buy from that seller.

So how do you find good sellers on eBay?

First off only buy from Treasury Registered sellers. It's a legal requirement, plus if someone isn't selling the proper way will they be verifying notes and being diligent in other areas like shipping and customer service?

You should also buy from a seller who offers a return policy so if you're unhappy with the condition of your notes upon arrival you do have the option to return them.

Lastly, you should buy from a seller who offers a Certificate of Authenticity. Though this is not required to sell your currency later and really has no practical value, it means the seller stands behind their product, if you re-sell many buyers and dealers will want this, and it's kind of a neat novelty.

Well now you know how to have a positive Dinar buying experience on eBay.


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