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How To Earn Over 1000 Dollars daily | Make Money Online

Updated on August 25, 2010

Your guide to making over 1000 's of dollars from google adsense daily.

Hello and welcome to this hub on how to make over 1000's of dollars daily from Google AdSense.This hub is a result of my extensive research in Internet Marketing over a span of 6 years.Please feel free to ask any questions and also leave your comments using the form below.

Note : If you are new to Idea of Making money from Google AdSense or hub pages check out this hub pages tour.

This guide is dedicated to all those people who are struggling to make money from AdSense.Cheer up, now you have a good guide to make a fortune from Google AdSense.

Before we begin note that the three factors which are necessary for giving a huge adsense Income are :

  • High paying keywords

  • High traffic

  • High click through rate

High paying keywords : Ads related to some keywords carry high pay per click rate than others.Some ads can get you over 2 dollars per click on the adsense ads.

High traffic :You need good number of visitors to your website .

High click through rate: People should click on your website ads for you to make money.

Some people doesn't take a look at these factors and that is the reason why they don't make huge income from adsense.If you follow these, you will be able to earn more from adsense.It's sure.

Let's move to action plan.Our action plan is split into these steps :

  1. Find out high paying keywords.
  2. Select the keywords having low competition that is, less number of search results for them.
  3. Buy a domain name with the keyword in domain name.
  4. Get a hosting plan that can host multiple websites.
  5. For each keyword create a website using word-press .
  6. Use word-press template (theme) which gives high click through rate.
  7. Publish at least 12 pages for each website.
  8. Write relevant articles with back links to these sites and publish them in articles sites like, or etc.
  9. Repeat from step 1.

This action plan is very easy to do and you can generate massive amount of traffic and money from this.

Lets look into explanation of these steps:

1: Find high paying keywords

How to do it ? Simple Go to

Type in some keywords and click search.You can also click on advanced options to get keywords based on selected regions .You can also filter out low search keywords using advanced options.

Select the keywords that people search for at least 3000 times a month. You can see this data to right of keywords.

2.Click the keywords to get a Google search page for the keyword.

Notice the number of results .If it is found to be more than 1,00,000 , then leave them.Select those keywords that have low number of search results when you do a google search for the keyword.

3.Once you have selected some keywords purchase domain names having the keywords in it.

Suppose I selected a keyword 'German leather shoes'. Then the best option before me is to choose and get a domain name as:

Note : Domain names can be bought for less than 10$. If you buy more than one domain name at a time you can get bulk discount for this.I would highly recommend you to do bulk purchase.

4.Get a web hosting account(plan) that can host multiple websites in one plan.

So that you can save a lot of money and time needed for maintenance.Do the necessary setting for pointing domain name to hosting plan.

[ :-) If you need any help please leave me a comment or you can leave me a message at ]

Note: You can easily get the package for around 6$ a month.Further reduction can be made by using coupon codes.

5.For each domain name create website using word press.

Word press can be used to create a website without any coding knowledge.Its easy and free.

With word press, a website can be easily setup within 15 minutes.You don't need any other tools if you are using word-press.

6.You can get some word press theme(which gives look and feel for word press website) which are optimized for AdSense .

These will give you high click through rate.I use prosense theme for most of my websites.

There are lot of adsense optimized word-press themes.You can find a lot of them for free.

Check these free templates :

7.Create at least 12 pages for each website.

Each pages are to be filled with original articles of length 500 to 750 words length.

If you are worried about how to write content you can easily get it done by freelancers at elance.comor

Note: The articles shouldn't be spam.They should be related to theme of your website.It is better if the articles are written in active voice.

8.Now you need to create some back-links.

You can create them by submitting some articles to article directories.These articles will have a link to your website.Submitting around 4 or 5 articles to article directories for each website you create is a good idea. It will boost your search engine rankings and also get you some decent traffic.

Some article directories are:

9.Repeat with step1.

These techniques have worked for me so far.They are very powerful.

You can expect to see the results within 2 - 3 months .

Calculation :

If every website receives around 100 hits per day and you receive around 20 clicks daily.

So 20 clicks with per click value at 3 dollars gives 20*3 =60 dollars

One website gives you 60 dollars per day.

If you have 20 websites , then

20 *60 =1200 $ per day.

In one month you make 1200*30 =$36000

Now , do you want these results .Then take action.

Last year I purchased a software that can simplify the task for finding these high paying keywords with low competition .It is superb one.With it I complete the step 1 and step 2 within 10 minutes .But these soft-wares fetch results from Google keyword tool .Google keyword tool is sufficient for keyword research.

You can check out this video on :

How to Create eBay feeder pages and make money when new users register for eBay.

Thank you for reading this hub. Please leave me a comment below if you find this hub useful..


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    • profile image

      Kashif 4 years ago

      Hi Mate,

      Its really good idea. but need write good content depending upon the keyword


    • petertebin profile image

      petertebin 5 years ago from Maryland

      Some really great information! Tweeted it for you! Voted UP!

    • profile image

      Bboyskilets 5 years ago

      There's this person who lives in cali own 57 lambo's and earns 1200 everyday x 8 hours so he makes 9600$ every days for one single phone call ? How does he do it ? I wannt to be rich like him too ? any ideas

    • lfolk profile image

      lfolk 5 years ago from Florida

      I am in my second year trying to figure all this out have spent money I dont have to spend, have been unemployed over a year. I am going to do my best to try what you recommend and see what happens. Thanks for sharing and I will probably ask for some help.

    • profile image

      me 6 years ago

      How are you paid?

    • profile image

      Swatch Sweet  7 years ago

      thank you

    • profile image

      hanan 7 years ago

      this my email need to help from any one have experience with google adsense and how i create a group of sites.please help me

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin


      thank you for the comment

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin


      you have to implement them to derive benefit out of them.

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin

      @make money online,

      yes its better to learn by oneself.

      But its too slow...If you need quick results outsourcing is the best option.

    • profile image

      clandestine 7 years ago

      Excellent info and advice! Very cool of you.

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 7 years ago from Fabulous USA

      Thanks for sharing, I am always willing to try something new so I bookmarked this and will starting learning!

    • profile image

      make money online 7 years ago

      You can make websites faster by outsourcing the things you need but this will cost some money. I suggest that you learn from the ground up to build your websites until you have the funds to outsource. The steps in the article are good steps to use as an outline to getting started with making money online.

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin


      it doesn't take months to develop a website.You can reduce the site creation time by following these things:

      >>Using softwares which help you do keyword research faster.

      The best example is this :

      You can find a niche within 10 minutes using this software.

      >> Outsourcing the content generation.You can find good writers at , or

      >>Use prebuilt open source templates available to reduce the time needed to create web pages.

      Provided you do these things you can quickly create a bunch of websites within short time.

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin


      thank you for the comment.

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin

      @Lynn Nodima,

      thank you for the comment

    • Lynn Nodima profile image

      Lynn Nodima 7 years ago from United States

      Thank you for sharing. I am working on it, but have a ways to go!

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin

      believe its possible

    • profile image 7 years ago from bear, de, 19701

      Excellent advice. One of my ideal is to earn money at home. fantastic job. How to imagine I can get 1000 daily. wow.

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin

      @BkCreative ,

      happy to know that you liked it.

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      I'm back - and yay! This is so helpful! Thanks again!

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin

      @TattoGuy ,

      thank you for your valuable comment.

    • profile image

      TattoGuy 7 years ago

      Nice hub with great advice, rated up.

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin

      @cameciob ,

      have answered your comment via new hub .

      Check this :

    • cameciob profile image

      cameciob 7 years ago

      creativeMind, this is a well explained and easy to understand article. I appreciate the simplicity of your steps. My only problem would be to have enough creaticity to find that keywords....

      Thank you for great information. I think I am becoming your follower.

    • profile image

      Deepakkumar 7 years ago

      In my opinion it takes months to develope a well structured website and then more time to promote it. The below site contains a well designed website package,auto responder package, nine different templates. If you are interested please have a look

    • nancybotwin profile image

      nancybotwin 7 years ago from San Jose

      cool hub. i just read another one wherein you put the link to this one[. i find it amazing that you showed all these ways to increase traffic to your site. i would have never done any of these things had you not discussed them so clearly. clever!

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin


      thank you for the comment

    • elgenio profile image

      elgenio 7 years ago from Belgium

      thanks creativeMind! I'm new here on hubpages and this hub has encouraged me to go further!

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin


      thank you for the comment

    • pressingon profile image

      pressingon 7 years ago

      These are excellent tips which do work when you apply them! Nicely done!

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin


      thank you for the comment.Anyone can use these techniques to be successful with adsense.

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin

      @Rebecca E.,

      Once you build the site it is almost maintenance free.

      You don't have to spent much time over it.

      Its because the keywords in domain name gives you higher search engine rankings.

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

      I learn much from you. It looks difficult to do. But I believe we can do that by following your tips. Thumbs up for you. I'll bookmark this one.


    • Rebecca E. profile image

      Rebecca E. 7 years ago from Canada

      good job done here, but you'll need to keep it up to make this money daily.

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin

      @Sterling Carter,

      thank you for your words of inspiration.

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin


      You can follow the link at the bottom.It will lead to a wonderful software that will help you find the keywords.

      But I will advise you to use Google keyword tool.In Google keyword tool you can click advanced options to create a filter.Filter out keywords based on average cost per click.

      The results wont show average CPC by default.You need to click columns and select average CPC to be displayed.

      Follow Google keyword tool.The soft wares available still fetch results from this Google keyword tool only.

      You can leave me a comment if you have any questions.

    • Sterling Carter profile image

      Sterling Carter 7 years ago from Indian Mound, Tennessee

      You are right on target.

      So many people don't understand how this all works. They also don't understand the value of an affiliate program or promoting their very own product. Great Hub

    • LensMan999 profile image

      LensMan999 7 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      How to find out high paying keywords? ,If there any service to provide this?

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin


      happy to see that this hub was useful to you.

      thank you for leaving the comment.

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin

      @Sally's Trove,

      Google external keyword tool can work wonders if used properly.

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      Thanks so much - this is so well put together - I can use it as a reference guide. Your tips are so on point - rated way up and bookmarked! Yay!

    • Sally's Trove profile image

      Sherri 7 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

      This is one of the best texts I've read explaining how to use the Google external keyword tool efficiently. Rated up and useful.

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin

      @SEO Expert Kerala

      thank you for the comment .

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin


      don't you have an adsense account ?

    • SEO Expert Kerala profile image

      SEO Expert Kerala 7 years ago from KERALA

      Great work ...Real Secret of making money with adsense is explained

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 7 years ago

      Thanks for the advice. I have yet to sign up for this because I am always reluctant to give out very personal information on line. They do ask for your SSN, right?


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