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How To Eat An Elephant-Managing Large Tasks

Updated on July 15, 2016
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A blog writer/musician. A year ago, a friend and I started a few blogs...So, we write!

If you think you cannot eat an elephant, think twice. Because no matter how big it is, it can be eaten as long as there is a strategy.

Managing large tasks and jobs in the business world is also known as eating an elephant. And...

'Eating an elephant is easy, once it is done one bite at a time.'

In other words, there is a way to manage even the largest tasks - and make every large job small with leveraging some powerful strategies. So, how do you begin?

  1. Lay Them Out - Writing your large tasks down is the best way to face them - and be motivated to complete them. Once you write them, make sure to have that list next to you all the time!
  2. Develop Tasks To Complete Goals - Writing down the tasks, skills and equipment (if there is) you need to complete the goals is the second bite when eating an elephant.
  3. Create Timeline For Tasks - Each large task can be sorted out and completed in small chunks once it is properly analyzed - but also once the time needed for its completion is set. Create timeline for your tasks and make sure to complete each without overlays.
  4. Create Dependencies For Tasks - When there are large tasks sliced down into smaller ones, they are usually dependant to each other. That is why you should list out the dependencies and see which task comes as a priority. An example of a dependency is "Task A cannot be started until Task B is completed."

Keeping your goals close to hand and taking action about each is how you will successfully eat the elephant and GROW. GROW consists of 4 things:

In the end, the best way to manage large tasks and eat an elephant well is to acknowledge each of them with positive thoughts and optimism. Because if you don't believe you can complete each smaller task, you are definitely not meant to complete the big picture. Once you believe you can and will eat the elephant, it all comes down to how you will serve the dish.


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