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How To Fight Office Politics

Updated on July 20, 2009

Office Politics is a word that creates many questions in one's mind. According to me, it is a social custom that every office follows. This evil has been prevalent in everybody's mind just to show oneself superior as well to get some extra benefits from the superiors. In brief, office politics is just difference between the co-workers in the office. These differences may vary from person to person; like difference in opinion, difference in interests, etc. The word politics is really a dirty word, especially at work.

Do u feel tense, anxious, or angry due to the office politics that you witness in your daily routine or you are smart enough to handle this taboo using your wit. All depends on your talent, your will power, and your power of handling. There is no need to get panicked of office politics. You should make it a part and parcel of your life and try to manage it in a healthier way. Once you follow the tips that I am going to describe below to handle this social evil, you will surely win at your workplace.


Just keep in mind that only standing with determination and positive thinking can rule over office politics. If you get sick of the office politics, and you are on the verge of taking the decision to either fight away or flight away (to leave the office), the decision should be to fight away. Only positive thinking can pave a path for you towards success. Even if you decide to change the office, the same problem you will be facing there with unknown and new faces and unknown problem to face. You should get yourself involved more and more in your work keeping aside all political stunts, as the employer is intelligent enough to understand who is fruitful for the organization and who is just making castles in the air. To be fruitful for the organization, one needs to be a positive thinker. The office politicians always keep on flattering to their superiors; but there is no need for you to join them, you can win the heart of your superiors with your positive attitude as well as your supremacy in your work. So, any hurdle may come, any office politician may try to be over-smart against you, you need not fight against him, but tactfully, without any hot/loose talks or arguments. Always show a sober attitude in your conversation to all, even if you are full of hatred for someone. Never argue with anybody (either junior or senior) even if you know he/she is wrong on something; just try to convince him/her, saying that this can be done in a different way too (the way you feel okay), I am sure with your positive thinking and your convincing power, you will be able to make an impact on your superiors as well as get a respect from your juniors.


You may come in contact with BACKBITERS in your office. These BACKBITERS are just a liability for the organization who always try to show their supremacy on others, but in reality they are NE' re-Do-Well for the organization, you will find such creatures everywhere. Such creatures are very hazardous for the society as well as for the office. They could never be a will-wisher of any person. They are rolling stones of the society, and a rolling stone gathers no moss. They can deceive you at any moment. They are in the habit of giving more teeth to the negatives of others in front of their opponents or their superiors to get sympathy from them, showing that they are the well wishers of them; but in reality, they are the most dangerous of the snakes for the community. So, from such people, just hear what they say, pick whatever is beneficial for you and forget the rest in a moment, and go on with your work without any grievances for anybody because you yourself are intelligent enough to decide who is good and who is bad for you as well as the company. You should think about your responsibilities, your rights, as well as your efficiency in your work with positive thinking. If someone blames on you for something, you need not start fighting with him, you should take it in a positive way, keeping in mind that this would help you gather your odds and sort them out. THINK ABOUT YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES, NOT THE BLAMES, as the blames would themselves go to the end when you fulfill your responsibilities in a healthier and intelligent way. DEAL WITH RUMORS DECISIVELY, as this can spoil your reputation as well trust in your organization. Try to go up to the depth of any rumor that you hear about yourself, so that you can come out of it lest it should put you in great trouble, and you could be the victim of this dirty office politics.


If you are a victim of office politics, the best way to come out is to focus on your circle of influence. This is really a score-winning technique to overcome the feeling of helplessness. You are well aware of your positives and your skills with which you can win the hearts of your superiors. Do utilize those techniques.


If there ensues any debate or argument in between two power figures of your office that always are like parallel rail-tracks and at odds to each other, you might find yourself entangled between the two. You very well know that you cannot convince either of them about the other's opinion, so the best solution to come out of the situation is to remain neutral. Never favor any one of them; even if one is more trustworthy to you than the other, as this might put you in trouble. Also being a neutral, you will be able to build trust with both figures and you can help them end up the conflict in an objective manner. As a result, you will gain respect from both parties as well as the office work will not be affected in any sense.


If you have attitude problem, it may be possible that your senior or junior may also have the same problem. In this case, you would never be able to let your senior or junior understand what you want to. So, first of all, you have to throw away all your supremacy or any attitude issues. Before trying to being understood by others, you need to understand them first, is the key to your victory over office politics.



1. Politics of communication plays a vital role in making a successful career. The more you have the ability to express yourself with your communication skills and pleasing thoughts, the more are the chances for your success.

2. You must be soft spoken with a leadership quality, with which you can draw attention of others; with this quality, you will be able to make your listener to pay attention to what you want to share with them; and if they find your thoughts to be of some value, you would certainly be able to win hearts of all (juniors/seniors) in your organization. So be prepared to lead.

3. Ethics and integrity do count.

4. As is said, attack is the best form of defense; this rule applies here too; but keeping in mind, that you should not hurt other's feeling while doing so. You should not be personal in any talks nor should you take anything by heart; even if had hurt you a lot; you just show positivity in your attitude and win the hearts of others. THEN NO ONE COULD STOP YOU ACHIEVING THE PATH OF SUCCESS AND RULE OVER THE OFFICE POLITICS.



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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I think for problems like this you need to change the envoirnment.The company culture that you are working is not a properly structures nor it does not have a proper reporting line.In order to minimise your stress level and make work place more happier to you have two options.

      1.Talk to your immidiate boss.If the reply you are geeting is not good then consider the option 02

      2.Leave the job or while you are working find some other place that you can work.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I am Indian. Recently I joined in TAKREER company in UAE Country and now I am on 6 months probationary period. In this company too much politics. I followed ur words. But not working. some of my colleagues deliberately creating problems and misbehaviour with me with the support of my immediate boss. My colleagues are forcing me to leave the company. My supervisor is not brilliant(Arabian). He is depending some of my colleagues only for all the jobs for long years. So my boss also following their words only. My Boss is not giving jobs directly to me. Because he dont know the knowledge. Some of existing employees only handling the department. My colleagues are ordering jobs to me. But they are not working.But they taking credit of my jobs. Boss informing me ur performance is not good. When I asked some people they said BOSS IN GULF WILL BE LIKE THIS ONLY. PLEASE SUGGEST ME WHAT TO DO ?

    • pankaj3625 profile imageAUTHOR

      Pankaj Pathak 

      9 years ago from Delhi

      Yes it is full of these types of suprises friend. You even do not know what will happen next....

    • profile image 

      9 years ago

      Like it! Full of unexpected surprises. Thanks

    • beautyrose profile image


      9 years ago

      I like this hub very informative. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Lady_E profile image


      9 years ago from London, UK

      Excellent Tips as Office Politics is never fair. :)

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 

      9 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Wonderful Pankaj. You are going towards the right direction. This hub written by you shows the overall improvement of your writing and appropriate use of knowledge. The way you have explained office politics by being positive and thinking positive and focusing on your circle of influence and attitude of winning shows your own talent and you own experience you have gained in dealing with office politics. Both the pics are marvellous but if you will include three more pics, a slide show icon will automatically appear which will help visitors and viewers to your hub in watching the pics easily. Take care. Best of luck for your next hub.


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