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How To Find New Customers - Trade Shows

Updated on April 30, 2010

Trade shows are visited by thousands of customers and there is seldom to little time for potential buyers to visit all the sales booths. When sellers want their products or services to be promoted effectively during trade shows, they should not rely only on their trade show exhibits. As many potential customers may not even pass their threshold, trade show handouts are in order.

Also, another idea is to make the trade show exhibit stand out of the crowd, through design and appeal, as many visitors will be drawn to sales booths that look better. Any salesman knows how important is to have come back customers. It is not enough to make sales during the trade show, and sellers want to remain in their visitors’ minds for a longer time. That is why they need to have a large number of business cards and brochures to hand out to people attending the trade show. As a result, visitors will take these brochures home and study them there. This way of advertising is very efficient for some businesses, such as travel agencies, as people prefer to think about how to organize their vacation in the comfort of their home, and not on the spot, when visiting the sales booth.

Drawing people towards products and services relies on efficient marketing. Besides making the product or service known to the customer, through means such as flyers and brochures, there is something more that can be done. Usually, sellers sweeten their deals by giving away something free, like pens, or diaries, that are decorated, in plain sight, with the company name and logo, so they get stuck in the customers’ minds. Other sellers also offer coffee cups, or notepades, which can be very handy, ensuring that the name of the company will be displayed in front of the visitor, a long time after the trade show has closed its gates.

No matter what the business, to be successful you'll need to find new customers.  Trade Shows are an excellent tool to help you find customers, and display the capabilities of your company or product. 

Like all your work, make sure that your trade show exhibit represents the professionalism and level of detail you put into your own work.  Often, it is recommend to work with local exhibit companies, like Virginia Trade Show Exhibit exports who can help you shine amongst the other exhibits you may come into competition with. 


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    • profile image

      Kayla Moosik 7 years ago

      We have found that if you immediately (less than a week after) follow up with the contacts you make at the show, you have a better chance of making sales with them than if you wait a month.