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How To Find Out About The Time And Locations Of Government Auctions

Updated on March 25, 2013

Looking For Items To Re-Sell? WHy Not Checkout Government Auctions

For years I've been attending Storage Auctions, yes just like the type you see on the A&E Television series Storage Wars. People go to these auctions looking for merchandise to buy cheap and re-sell and it's a great place to get that merchandise.

Ever since show came on television Storage Auctions have exploded in popularity and it's not very difficult to get auctions at decent prices because of the large crowds and massive increase in interest in these auctions. For this reason I have begun to search out other places to buy cheap merchandise. I have recently learend about Post Office Auctions, Shipping Container Auctions, as well as other types of Government Auctions.

I recently learned about GSA auctions which is the General Services Administration Auctions. I actually learned about it reading a story about the terrible Hurricane Sandy which recently hit the East Coast. Just days prior to the hurricane hitting the GSA was selling brand new Fema trailers that had never even been used for fire sale prices of around 7k. People were buying these trailers and flipping them on craigslist for 15k making an easy 7k or 8k profit. I read this story and decided to check out the GSA auction website for myself and it's a pretty cool site. You can search by region and look for auctions near you or if you're looking for a specific item you can search by item category. Items run the gammit from farm equipment, aircraft, computers, boats, cars, construction equipment, office furniture, firetrucks, tools, household goods, motorcycle, trailers, and even real estate.

If you're looking for information such as dates and times of upcomming government auctions you have to check out their website at GSAAuctions.Gov and find an auction near you to attend.

I constantly on yahoo answers as well as other forums see people asking questions such as how to I find out about government auctions, post office auctions, storage auctions, etc so I thought this article would be helpful in helping readers find out about auctions near them to buy cheap merchandise to re-sell.

Bring Cash To Auctions

Bring cash to auctions, not all auctions will accept cards. Best bet is letter from banking certifying funds, cashiers check, or cash.
Bring cash to auctions, not all auctions will accept cards. Best bet is letter from banking certifying funds, cashiers check, or cash.


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