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How To Find Out About Upcomming Storage Unit Auctions Near You - Just Like Storage Wars

Updated on March 25, 2013

How Do I Find Out About Storage Auctions Near Me

I've been attending self storage auctions for years. Back before the times of television shows like Storage Wars not many people knew about storage auctions. I used to attend auctions where it was literally myself and 3-4 other individuals. We would actually take turns buying units as none of us saw value in running prices up on each other.

It wasn't uncommon to buy a unit for $30 and have it full of televisions, furniture, and other easy to re-sell goods. Once the A&E hit series Storage Wars came on however the popularity of Storage Auctions exploded. It went from being 3-4 people at a storage auction to being crowds of 60 plus people. At some auctions I saw crowds as many as 300 people.

Now that the show has been on for a while the crowds have begun to die down and most people have realized the show wasn't very realistic, not every unit holds an item worth tens of thousands of dollars which has caused many people to stop attending auctions. Only those truly up for the task of making money with hard work are still in the game.

Now that crowds at auctions are down maybe your thinking about attending your first auction but you are probably wondering how you go about finding out about upcomming auctions near you right?

One way of finding out about storage auctions is by calling the facilities directly. If they have an upcomming auction they will tell you the date and time and if they don't currently have any upcomming auctions most facilities will put you on their contact list and either call you or e-mail you to inform you about upcomming auctions.

Checking the local classifieds is also a good resource for finding out about auctions. Normally inthe back under legal notices you can find out about upcomming auctions as most states by law require a notice be posted in the classifieds.

One other way to find out about auctions is the many online websites which post auctions. Most auctions charge a weekly or monthly fee for access to this information however there are a couple free sites where auctions are posted for free. Two of the best sources are FreeStorageAuctionLists.Com and AuctionZip.Com. Both these sites provide free lists.

Good luck attending your first storage auction!!!

Storage Auctions are a great place to get cheap merchandise to resell.
Storage Auctions are a great place to get cheap merchandise to resell.


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