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Long Distance Moving Companies - 7 Things You Need To Know To Find The Best Long Distance Moving Companies In Your Area

Updated on June 8, 2014

Finding A Long Distance Moving Company

Are you moving long distance? Moving has to be one of the most hated jobs besides washing dishes! Moving your home and precious merchandise is one of the jobs we hate to do but is necessary when the time comes. You have to worry about damage, missing items, forgotten items and of course the cost!

First you have to decide if the items you want to protect are better trusted with you and your friends or paid professionals. If you have furniture and crates for tables you can call your friends and have a moving party. If you have a house full of furniture that is important to you, you should pay the cost to see that it get's to it's specified destination without harm, especially when moving long distance.

How To Find A Good Long Distance Moving Company

If you are needing to move in a hurry it is very important that you ask people you trust to refer you to a moving company they have already used. Word of mouth is the best way to find reliable and trusted movers.

  • Internet
  • Referrals
  • Advertisements
  • Research

When it comes to moving your family, valuables and worldly possessions word of mouth is king. However your source must be credible! Don't ask someone that stands to gain by referring you local moving help that has never moved before.

You will be surprised what you can find out by talking to other people. How many times have you told a co-worker, family member or friend about a bad experience you had and they tell you who you should have gone too instead of receiving your bad treatment? Well start asking now and avoid the headache later. There is nothing better than word of mouth recommendations.

2 Important Things You Will Find Out From Word of Mouth

  1. Who to use.
  2. Who not to use.

Doing your own research can help find a long distance moving company that makes you comfortable enough to make a commitment. By visiting multiple companies you can see how they deal with their customers and how organized they are in business. You have to know what to look for to research properly.

7 Things You Need To Know While Researching Long Distance Moving Companies

A good efficient moving company will cover all your moving needs as far as boxes, tape, and directions to storing and packing your items. When you have your consultation you should feel confident that your potential movers know what they are doing.

  1. References should be supplied by your future licensed long distance moving company by their satisfied past users.
  2. Knowledgeable movers will give you confidence before touching your items. A professional mover should be able to look at your items and know how long and last it will take to pack and move you to your destination. Of course no one is perfect.
  3. Moving supplies should be available when asked even if it is for a cost. Boxes and tapes should be a supplied when asked to keep the moving a tolerable experience.
  4. Affordable prices is important if you are on a budget but a quality job should be expected.
  5. Quality movers is a must and a higher cost could be attached depending on the level of expertise and location of your chosen local mover.
  6. Price quotes are expected to be consistent and fair for your location and job. You should be able to understand how the moving company came up with their price.
  7. Guarantees are not a problem with a licensed and bonded long distance moving company. You can be sure they will be careful to protect their reputation and bottom line.

Don't be afraid to approach local moving companies about a long distance moving job, they welcome it and most likely plan a return trip with someone moving from your destination back to their home location.

I hope that this hub has helped you feel confident in choosing the proper long distance moving company. It is important to feel safe and secure about your possessions and the moving company you chose.

I wrote this piece with a local moving company in mind that has been in business for years with only word of mouth. The owner of the company will be thrilled to see this article dedicated to his International,long distance, Local NJ/NY Moving company Just In Time Moving but word of mouth is king and he deserves it.


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