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How To: Find a Job in the Film Industry

Updated on November 19, 2014
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Emi writes screenplays for tv and film. She graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in Film and has on set short film experience.

When looking for a job in the film industry, your best bet is going to New York City or Los Angeles. But, how do you find a job when you get there?

What if you don’t live in those cities? Where do you go to look for a job?

Have no fear!

I’ve gathered a list of websites of film job listings and film offices from some states that have cities listed as the top locations to film outside of New York and California.

Film crew working.
Film crew working. | Source

Helpful Tips

The one website I use mostly is This website has a ton of job listings and you can actually search for jobs in your area by inserting your zip code and the distance that you want. You can also search for jobs by skill. So, if you are crew, you can just select that option and look for crew only jobs instead of scrolling through hundreds of listings not pertaining to you. Also, if you’re interested in acting, this website has casting listings as well. If you’re a filmmaker you can find people who offer different kind of services in your area. For me, this is a one-stop shop for your film gig needs.

Another great place to look is on Facebook! Search for your state’s film office on Facebook, most of them are already on there. If your state has a page, then like their page and look out for listings of jobs they could be posting. They also post interesting information regarding what has been filmed in the area.

Some people say Craigslist is another way to find film jobs, but I haven’t had any luck. To me, Craigslist is sketchy and most of the film crew gigs are super vague and give me the wrong impression.

The one thing I learned from moving to a state with no film office is to just dig and search for production companies in the area. Luckily, I was able to find a couple and contacted them via email. Even though they weren’t hiring directly, I was able to meet with them personally and learn some tips about being an independent filmmaker and what to do to make money when there isn't a lot filmmaking going on.

Sometimes when you're looking for a job and an unpaid position comes your way, you’re just going to have to take it. Unfortunately, to get into the business you must have experience and have people in your network that can get you to where you want to be.

Check out the useful links below and good luck!

*** If I didn’t list the state that you are located in, feel free to run a Google search with your State’s Film Office. ***

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