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How To Get Into Fitness Modeling

Updated on March 17, 2011

How to Get Into Fitness Modeling

Have you always enhanced the shape of your body just to become a model? Were you always looking at yourself in front of the mirror? Do you act like Tyra Banks and other famous models out there? Well, you have to remember that entering the fitness modeling world is not as easy as dreaming and looking at yourself in front of the mirror. It requires patience and discipline on your part.


Steps on how to become a famous fitness model

If there is one crucial requirement when you want to become a fitness model, then that would be the fact that you have to be in shape not only as you enter the business but all year round. You have to watch what you eat and as much as possible get advice from experts. Once you are sure you have a fit and healthy body then it is about time you proceed to other steps in the process.

  1. Create your own model portfolio. This is one of the ways you can market yourself. You should have some interesting data about yourself included in the file. Plus of course, your best shots should be part of the portfolio as well. It would help if a fitness model photographer will take the pictures for you.
  2. Browse through magazines (or fitness websites) to look at the different poses made by fitness models. Cut out or print the pictures you like best and bring them during your photo shoot. That way, your photographer will have an idea on how you want to market yourself through your portfolio.
  3. Choose your best shots from the pictures taken by your photographers. Some models out there will rely on what experts say when it comes to their shots. Well, you pay for the price so remember to give your own inputs. In this regard, it would be best if you choose your best shots from the file given by your photographers. Anyway, you will be the one to create your own portfolio.

  4. Look for venues to market your fitness modeling portfolio. Browse through famous model magazines out there. Search for one that will help market you as a fitness model. List down the contact numbers or addresses of such magazines and find ways on how you may contact them. Create a database of these magazine publishers to make the workload easier later on. You can write the publication formally about your intent to become a model for them.

  5. Be prepared for all the work. Don't expect publishers to do the job for you unless you go to them personally. In other words, do not hustle. You are advised to do all the work. If you have to visit the company, then do so. That way, you can discuss things on how you can get into the fitness modeling industry.

Fitness Model Video


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    • profile image

      fitnessphotographer 6 years ago

      Finding the right fitness photographer also plays an important part in becoming a fitness model. You need someone who can capture you at your best and has the right connections to help you get published.