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How to Get Job Offers From Everyone You Meet!

Updated on April 6, 2011
by fullcodepress
by fullcodepress

Quick Intros?  Lets See 'Your Sells'!

Meeting someone for the first time?
Bumping into somebody at the office?
Networking events?

This is an opportunity to not just exchange visiting cards, but to leave them with something to think about or even better leave them wanting to know more about you or contact you.

this is for everybody.

you could be looking for a job, an assignment, a lead or an introduction to someone else.

Here's how to go about it:

1. Write Down 3 things you can do for someone.

Think of 3 things you can do for a company, a client, or a business.
These are what we call 'Your Sells'

for e.g.  I would list 3 things for myself as:
a. Create customer sensitive programs
b. Train Staff
c. Create personal success paths

This would be something I am at good at and think of as my strengths or 'My Sells'

2. Write Down some easy introduction lines

e.g. 'Hi, I am Prabhjot Bedi and I am a hospitality consultant, trainer & recruiter'
or 'Good Morning. I am Vinita, currently with XYZ hotels looking after the Sales & Marketing'

3. This is the important or the Take Away.
Write Down what is the benefit to them from 'Your Sells'
So, think about benefits from what you do or are good at.

For e.g. from point 1, my customer benefits would be:
a. Increased guest loyalty and average spends
b. Increased employee retention and delegation
c. Increased self worth

NOW, the important and critical stuff!

Practice this.  You should be able to do this in under 30 seconds and then go on to ask them questions about them.
Tell people about yourself in under 30 seconds and then make them talk about themselves!

As always, if you leave 'YOUR SELLS' in the comments I will help you improve it!

Happy Successing.

Prabhjot Bedi

The Coach


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