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How To Get a Job Easily in a Day

Updated on May 13, 2010

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Success at Landing aJob

I know quite a few people, some of them work, some of them do not. Of the ones that work, most of them have jobs that they have had for some time, they work with relatives, they do things that they grew up doing, or they sort of fell into a good position and managed to keep it.

As for the other group, I would have to say that there are a wide variety of reasons that they do not work. Most of them are younger people. Most of them I would not call lazy by any means, they just either have not found something that they like to do, or they just do not know how to go about finding work that they can stand doing for more than a few days. I don't know how many times I have heard them say, "I don't want to flip burgers for a living".

Here is my opinion, and maybe if you hear me out, your opinion will change, or the way you go about looking for work, or maybe just how you feel about earning money will change, and it might just make things easier for some of you to cope and get out there in the work force.

First of all, to me it never mattered too much what I was doing, as long as I was making money. I mean, does it really matter if you are answering phones, flipping burgers, sweeping, or washing dogs, as long as you are bringing home enough cash to pay your bills and buy food? To me, it really does not, for while I am making myself busy, doing whatever for cash by the hour, or by the job, I am usually thinking about other things in my head, while , my hands are doing the work. To some, I guess it does matter, but I cannot see the logic behind not doing something that needs to be done, for money and at the same time going without the things that I and my family need.

Another thing that holds a lot of people back from bringing in the bucks, is where they look for a job. A lot of people only look in the classified ads, or by word of mouth. When I really need a job, I do not even bother with applications, running all over town, or making a huge production out of it like that. I simply start out on one end of the block, and I go into every single establishment, ask to speak with the manager, and say something like this," I need work very badly, and I am not fussy as to what I have to do. I am dependable, fast, and do a good job at whatever I do. I know that if you gave me a chance in any capacity, you would not be disappointed."

You see, the way I see it, someone who is looking for a worker, just wants to know that the person is a hard worker, is going to show up, and will do a good job. It is simply a matter of knowing how to have the confidence to sell yourself. Even if it is something that you have never done before, let them know that you are able to do it, whatever it may be.

Usually by the time I get from one end of the block to the other, and maybe even up the other side, I will have some sort of work. It does not have to be work that you like, or work that you intend to make a career out of, just work that will put gas in the car and food on the table. If you have a good personality, and can strike up a conversation with someone, you only have to convince them that you are the one they are looking for.

Another thing that holds some folks back from finding work, is deciding whether the job they are applying for is a man's or a woman's job. I found that many many times it was a lot easier for me to land a job painting houses, or doing landscaping, even though these are usually done by men. If you limit yourself with these sorts of things, you will find that it will take you days, even weeks longer to land that work you need. Sometimes you might start out thinking that you are not going to like doing this or that kind of work, but the truth of it is that when you actually try it and begin, you will find that it isn't that bad at all and that you actually learn to like the job.

Don't limit yourself, leave yourself open to change, or things that you may not have considered before, and just remember, if you find that you truly are unhappy with it, you always have the option of quiting and finding something else. Also remember that just because you may find yourself flipping burgers for a minute, it does not mean that it will be a lifelong career. Or even consider that even though you might not like flipping burgers, you might start out flipping burgers, but find that there is the opportunity to move up into manage,ment, and some of these places even have profit sharing. One burger place I worked at I managed and every four months I made a profit sharing check for anywhere between eight to fourteen thousand dollars on top of my salary.

Broaden your horizons, think about all of it, and sell yourself, you will be a success.


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  • pinkhawk profile image

    pinkhawk 7 years ago from Pearl of the Orient boosting hub! It changed my mood/view about jobs and life.. I don't mind if I start in the lowest level or bottom rung, as long as I'm learning, earning and I'm happy with what I'm doing, it doesn't matter...who knows-it could only be a start of more exciting life and great career ahead! thank you very much for sharing this! ^.^...