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How To Harvest The Year, Refute The Silence

Updated on August 23, 2009

Get It Out Of The Basket And In To The Now

Just A Couple Of Months And It Will Have Passed Us

The year is 2008. At least that is what we are calling it in the zone that this realm thrives in. I do hope that all who read this are thriving in some way or another. This article is aimed at wrapping up the year and taking a look at what you have harvested from the time spent. Thanksgiving is coming soon. It got me to thinking about what has happened to this year. Cold weather will soon be taking over and the outside world will be slowing down on my natural side of the planet. Looking out over my back yard a lot has transpired there and some of it was quite uninvited.

You Reap What You Sow

How many times have you heard those words echo in your head? I know that I heard them as a youngster growing up and they stuck in mine. I am not sure if they are completely true. This year I did plenty of sowing and, much to my dismay, the efforts must have been done for reasons that are beyond my understanding. The garden I planted was trashed by the rain and river that flooded our area in September. The sewage in the water left me to abandon what is there for later. I was thinking to bury it in leaves, burn it off and then till it all together, starting over next spring. Mother Nature can clean up her own mess by freeze framing it all and hopefully it will be good to go when that time rolls around again.

Will Your Harvest Pay Off From The Garden?

Now, that would be applying the word harvest to gardening but, I was truly thinking of using this application in a more general term. My thoughts on HARVESTING are going to push for more than a crop of turnips. I can buy turnips at the store. I was pushing for the harvest of your spirit. Did you get any of those very special seeds planted this year? I am talking about life changing seeds. The ones that grow into the oaks of your lifetime. I am talking seeds that can make life a better place to be for yourself and those who share your reality. Did you even try to put something in the ground?

Plant those feet, brace yourself and watch what putting it in the ground can do to make life better for all. So are you watching what you have done take shape or are you still pushing and pulling the thoughts and feelings you have around in a shopping cart?


What Can You Do To Enhance The Quality Of Your Harvest?

I want to call these spirit seeds the seeds of good fortune. I have heard that term before and I like the way it sounds. The sound has a positive ring to it. It is like the sound of the sun coming up in the morning. It lends itself to the feeling of hopefulness. What?

You do not hear the sun come up? You really have to listen close. There is a sound to it, no kidding! It sounds of dew and biting breezes, hunting birds and rustling tree leaves. Rolling cars and freight trucks moaning off in a distance augment the sound. The reason why so many of us do not hear the sun come up is because we are sleeping.

I say "wake your B-Hind up" You hear the world whirling around? Reap the bounty of the day. Don't wait for a new president, don't hold for a holiday, don't procrastinate until the week's end. Mark your measure, set some guide lines and have faith that those positive seeds will flourish if you plant them with love. That is what it is all about.

If you think life is a lemon, harvest the lemonade! You might get thirsty later!




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