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How To Hold Your Own Online Auction

Updated on August 2, 2010

How To Hold Your Own Online Auction

 Online auctions are extremely popular these days, what with the popularity of online commerce and how most people are turning to the Internet to find what they need.  Maybe you have knit a pair of mittens or have some jewelry that you want to auction off, and in this case you can easily hold your own online auction.  Online commerce is booming and if there are any items that you would like to sell off you can actually hold your own online auction.  You do not have to be a huge successful business to have your own online auction and find buyers that are interested.

 First and foremost you will need to put some thought into this and determine a price for each of the items, how much you want to sell them for.  You may want enough to make a profit or just want to get the best offer that you can.  It really depends on what the item is because for instance for handmade items you are going to need to make sure you include labor costs in the price for the time and effort you spent making the item.  There are lots of really great auction sites you could head to, like eBay.

 You could do something as elaborate as start your own website but this is really too much work when you could just go through an auction site that is already set up.  Ebay is one of the best auction sites you can go through bar none.  There is probably not a single soul on this earth who has not heard of eBay before and you are sure to sell your stuff in no time if you auction them off here.  You can sell anything imaginable from cars, lamps, tables and appliances to homemade pies and knitted sweaters.

 If you are more into the handmade stuff, instead of going through an auction site like eBay you may be better off with one like Etsy.  This is an auction site that is extremely popular and where there are only handmade items featured.  There are also other online auction sites you may be interested in.  Another of the top picks for an online auction site worth selling from is uBid.

 One of the main reasons people head here is because there are not only personal sellers offering items but also large businesses.  This draws a lot more people to the site because they know they have such a variety of items at their disposal.  They have a long list of different affiliate manufacturers and distributors that also offer different items on their site.  Holding your own online auction can be easy and a lot of fun as long as you go about it the right way.


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      Charles 7 years ago

      Thanks for the article! And here is a tip, people: avoid using ebay with all its hidden fees. I opted for Main Street Fair, an online auctions and free classified ads site that offers some of the lowest listing fees online. Find a site that works for you and go for it!