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How to Keep Customers Coming Back

Updated on October 26, 2018
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Kevin is a Copywriter and Content Writer. He helps entrepreneurs increase sales through optimizing Landing Pages, Sales Letters etc

This is the age of the empowered customer, when a single complaint on social media can cost a business millions of dollars, an online review can shape the fortune of a business and feedback can significantly affect business decisions.

Successful businesses are customer oriented. They design the business around the satisfaction of customers. They make the customers get addicted to their business and products. Just one dissatisfied customer can do much harm to your business.

Do you know that 65% of your business comes from your existing customers. Do you also know that it costs more to wins a new customer than retain one?

Be Personal

See your customers as people and not as a mass of data. Add a personal touch to every message you send your customers. Wishing them on their birthdays, anniversaries, or sending a simple thank-you email can be subtle ways to show them you care.

Be Reliable

Do exactly what you said you will do. Do it when you said you will do it. Get it right the first time. Get it done on time. Your number of repeat customers is greatly depended on your reliability.

Be Credible

Every customer that comes around your business has been scammed or disappointed by a product or business at least once. It’s now your job to reduce or remove that tension and friction.

A new customer wants to know:

  • Why should you be trusted?
  • Why should we buy from you and not your competitor?

Customers will readily pay for peace of mind.

Customers will repeatedly buy from you if they know you have their best interest at heart. They want security, integrity and assurance. They want to be sure if they have a problem with your product it will be properly sorted out. They do not want extra or hidden charges, hidden agendas or a hard-sale technique. They want safe and guaranteed products, free from damages, doubts, risks and sometimes confidentiality. This is what customers call credibility.

Be Attractive

Appearance may be deceptive but customers use it as a yard stick to measure your quality. Everything the customer feels, hears, smells, touches and sees about your business and product goes a long way to shape their perception of your business and product for better or worse. Look at your business from the standpoint of your customer.

Be Responsive

As far as customers are concerned there is no time to waste time. Whatever they want from you they want it now. Your ability to be available, accessible and willing to give a helping hand to a customer whenever they need it.

Be Empathic

Customers want to be treated special. They want you to be everything they want from you to them. People naturally want to depend or rely on somebody. Your customers want to depend on you. They come to you with needs and trusts that you will be able to solve it and be there whenever they need you. Listen to them, solve their problems, and speak their language.

Be Tempting

For example, if a customer bought a gaming console, you can send him emails about latest games and available discounts. It’s understandable that someone who just bought a console would be interested in purchasing games. Offer a discount on their next purchase, but the incentive doesn’t have to be monetary.

© 2017 Kevin Ashwe


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