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How To Look Confident In Front Of People And When Speaking

Updated on October 22, 2011

Feeling nervous is front people or while speaking is not the issue only a single or few souls are facing, according to a research, rates highest among all sort of phobias. Yes! People are more afraid of speaking to people and dealing with people than of insects or of heights or darkness. The only of this fear is lack of confidence. Here, in this article we will discuss easy ways to look confident in front of people and look confident while speaking.

Look Confident In Front Of People

  • The first thing you have to do to look confident in front of people be your-own-original self. Do not imitate or copy or try to copy someone else walking style, talking style and dressing themes other personality aspects. Be sure! You are best and unique in the way you are.

  • Way of dressing helps a lot in maintaining and boosting confident in front of people. Dress in the way you feel comfortable and you feel nice. There are some gatherings where there is dress code. Be creative with your dressing and make it your style and confidence. After all we know that the dressing and suiting are the vital things that people notice and talk about.
  • Feeling fresh could help you is feeling confident. Take a bath daily and must before going in some gathering where you have to deal with people. Sweating may cause feel you nervous and you’ll not be able to meet and face people with confidence. So, feeling fresh helps you a lot feeling confident. Personal care adds a big plus in your self confidence.

  • Doing hairs properly and nicely boost up your confidence exponentially. Yes! That’s true. If you do not believe it so try it and judge it by yourself.
  • Before going out, take a look of yourself closely that how you are looking. If you’re satisfy that you’re looking good it means you really are. Satisfaction gives confidence to be among people without feeling even a single butterfly in the stomach.
  • Do keep accessories like bag, sandals, jewelry that you can easily carry, if you’re having which you’re not good in carry with confidence, then, it will make you look clumsy. So be stylish and look confident.

  • Always remember: it is not like those are good looking beautiful feel themselves confident. The truth is that confident people looks more good looking and beautiful. Do not forget your confidence at home when you’re going to deal with people.

Look Confident When Speaking

  • Don’t show you’re nervous even if you’re. The first sign of being nervous is ‘the darling’ butterflies God knows from where get the way to your stomach. They best way to avoid those butterflies is be mentally ready to face a group of people or huge gathering.

  • After be mentally ready to face a small or big group of people. Know and practice well what you’re going to talk about. Proper and complete knowledge of the things you’re going to discuss boost your confidence.
  • Using just a very little bit of less formal language could help you in feeling comfortable and confident. Consider your audience as peers and contributors, and be a friend to them. But to not use slangs or any cheap word it may cause harm to your work and your firm and make a negative impression of you in front of your addressees.

  • Avoid cramming you’re speech. If you cram it you’ll end with doing ‘hmm’, ‘umm’, ‘like’ and other that type of pauses while speaking. It would damage and break your confidence it thousands of hundred little pieces. So, avoid cramming. Just go through the material thoroughly.
  • Practice your material in front of mirror or a friend who could frankly tell where you’re lacking with confidence and can suggest you best how to overcome the nervousness.
  • Mind your words and know exactly what you’re saying. Using improper words at wrong time may do insult you in front of people and could hurt your confidence and your image in front of people.
  • Last but not least: practice will make you perfect and perfection would boost your confidence up, Up and UP. So practice with your material as much as you can and do mean what you’re saying.

Public Speaking Tips


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    • profile image

      misterdanish 7 years ago

      It is also my problem I think that this would help me....

    • 2patricias profile image

      2patricias 8 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

      If you need to speak to groups of people as part of your job, ask your employer for some training. Just half a day can help you to improve your technique and gain confidence.