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Practical Ways To Make $500 Plus Online Every Month

Updated on November 11, 2012
making money online
making money online

It is no doubt that the global economy isn’t smiling again like before; not with the almighty European economy dwindling down by the day, and the great American economy following on the same failing trend.

The global economy melt down and its rippling effects have caused so many skilled people to go jobless as a result of more and more companies going bankrupt and shutting down by the day.

One of the convenient ways to stay afloat as the global economy ship is sinking down the bottom of the ocean, is to diversify your ideas and income streams, and one of the fastest ways to achieve this, is by joining the evergreen business venture of infopreneurship.

What’s infopreneurship? This is the business of selling information as a means of making money, and the most reliable ways to sell information is via the internet, so are you ready to start selling that rare information you have with you on the internet to earn money? If you answered yes to that question, then get ready to learn some tips on how to earn constant income online without breaking any government or individual laws.

How Do I Earn Guaranteed Income Online?

This is a common question most aspiring infopreneurs ask today, and to answer that pressing question, I will be showing you businesses and services you can render or sell on the Internet and make a living from it. Believe me, if you have never used the Internet or let’s say you are not an Internet guru, provided you are determined to succeed in making money online, then you can do it with the right guide. All you need is one who is sincere and selfless enough to put you through the rudiments of making genuine money on the Internet, which is what I am here to do today.


Do not be deceived by anyone, you will never make a dime on the internet, if you do not have a product or service to sell. So your question right now should be- how do I develop a product or service that I can market on the internet?

Remember, all it takes to develop a product or service to sell on the internet is your idea, your creativity and your thinking faculty, and that’s all. And one interesting thing about this is the fact that every individual has got some ideas deposited in them by nature, so that all they need to get moving is someone that will ginger their money making instincts that will make them come out of their comfort zones.

I want to guarantee you that you can make $500 or more every month on the internet provided you are doing the right businesses and provided you are doing it the right way.

The business model I am about showing you comprise of 3 basic principles which mirrors the real life scenario. What am I trying to say in essence? I am trying to let you know that the businesses and activities that will earn you money online must revolve around these 3 business models namely:

1. You have to sell your products or services

2. You may have to sell other people’s products or services (affiliate marketing) or

3. You may have to sell advertising space on your blog or website

Once you understand these 3 basic concepts of making money online, then you will have no issue falling prey to online scammers, and making money on the internet will become very easy for you.

One of the things you need to do first is to set up an income target and then draw a practical step-by-step plan on how to meet up with that target that you had set up. Now, let’s take the business concepts I outlined above one after the other.

Selling your products or services on the internet

Remember, no success comes easy- whether online or offline, all success follows the same pattern that requires hard work, patience and creativity, so try to make these your motto.

Haven said that, how do you sell your products and services on the internet to make money?

To achieve this, you need a web space. And to secure a web space, you need one or all of the following- a personal website, a blog or by partnering with a third-party website like we are doing with hubpages, etc. why do you need the web space? You need it to place or say to advertise your products and services to people who visits your blog, site or third-party page.

For now, let’s skip this one for another day because it is an entire write-up of its own, so let’s move on to the next concept.

Selling other people’s products to make money online

This is one of the popular avenues people make money on the internet, and it is called affiliate marketing. If you are determined and you know what you are doing, believe me, you can be earning huge income from affiliate marketing, for instance through Amazon affiliate program, Ebay partner program, clickbank, etc.

I am into this business model, and believe me, I had been smiling to the bank doing this. I partner with Amazon and Clickbank to help them sell their products on my personal blog, website and rarely on hubpages and I earn commission doing it. I am quite aware that I am not the only person earning through Amazon and clickbank, so I urge you to give it a try, read on…

You may not be able to earn good money through affiliate marketing if you fail to do the necessary things you ought to do. Now, how do I make it in affiliate marketing? All I do is to discover a profitable niche or let me say products, and then I research about the products to find out their buying keywords, what do I mean by ‘buying keywords’? it means the keywords or phrase people that buy those products do search for on Google or on any other internet search platform. After I research the buying keywords, I set up a website, and then I write short review articles about those products and I submit the review articles on several internet platforms, and lastly I start promoting my websites and patiently wait for Google to index my site and my chosen keywords, and then I start making money through commission as people buy those products, it’s as simple but creative as that!

One of the secrets of this business is to have as many websites in many niches and products as possible. Now imagine a situation where you have up to 20 different niche websites selling different products from Amazon, Ebay and clickbank, and let’s assume each of those websites earns you a daily sales commission of say $1, and don’t forget that some of your websites could earn even higher than what I presumed, so do the math yourself and tell me how much you will be making in a month while sleeping or catching fun somewhere, interesting right?

Making money online selling ad space

This is no doubt the most popular means people make money online. Remember, you cannot sell an ad space on the internet if you do not have a web space like I mentioned earlier? You can get your own web space by creating your own personal website, getting a free blog or using a third party website like Hubpages.

But one of the limitations of using free blog and third party websites to sell advert space online is the fact that you are limited to using only the advertisement programmes the website owner recommends, so therefore, you cannot sell your space to a product advertiser who wants to directly advertise his or her product on your website or blog. In most cases, bloggers who use free blogging platforms like or word press, etc and those who write on third party websites like Hubpages, Infobarrel, etc are limited to selling their advert spaces through Google Adsense, Chikita and sometimes Kontera pay-per-click advert programmes.

To overcome this barrier, try and register your own domain name and get your own personal website, though it requires time, effort and creativity to nurture it to greatness to attract both local and international advertisers.

Another fast way to make money on the internet

Before I go, let me also share with you this other means of making money on the internet through buying and selling internet domain names.

If you want fast cash, believe me, this may be your chance to achieve that dream if at all you are ready to part with little cash registering some unusual domain names.

This business is known as domain flipping. Now, what is domain flipping?

It is simply the art of selling domain names, not just all domain names, but domain names with high commercial values to an end-user who ends up buying it.

So to say, if you must succeed in this business venture, you must be creative in your thinking, and you must be smart!

What is a domain name?

Domain name is simply the words that come after the ‘www’ in any website you see, so to say, domain name is quite different from website, see below:

Domain name-


Now for a more clearer understanding of the differences between a domain name and a website, I want you to know that when you register a name like, “” with a domain registration company, you have a domain name, and when you host it by buying a web space from a webhosting company, that is the only time it can be called a website.

We shall continue on this in the next edition, please do keep in touch. Wishing you all a more prosperous years ahead!

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    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from L Island

      Thanks @AuniceReed for stopping by

    • AuniceReed profile image

      Aunice Yvonne Reed 

      4 years ago from Southern California

      Good Hub and very informative. I think the part about you needing something to sell to make money online is a very key point! Either a product or service is necessary. Thanks!

    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from L Island

      @CarBoobz, thanks for stopping by...the poll issue its not my fault, that's how Hubpages webmaster fixed it.

      Meanwhile, I am glad you found some of the points useful, thanks once again.

    • CarNoobz profile image


      6 years ago from USA

      Some good ideas in your hub. I think the most powerful concept there is that people need to realize that if you're not selling something, then there's no good reason for people to give you money, right?

      We all gotta be selling something -- even on hubpages. If we're not, then we're leaving money on the table.

      By the way, the way your poll is set up, it's hard to answer. I would have checked off Adsense, Amazon, and "none of the above" (for Ad Program)...but the polls only let you choose one. Other options could include ebooks, membership sites, online consulting, and e-commerce.

      Voted up and useful


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