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How To Make A Good Curriculum Vitae

Updated on January 28, 2011

Now what do I do? 

One of the first causes of despair in young people, especially fresh out of middle school, is what to put as work experience, which is generally zero or near zero. Other times you have experience in areas completely different to that intended target. 

First tip: you can try to sell better, but not lying. It this example. Daniela studying business administration, worked for a time in a clothes shop and a clinic. Looking for new horizons, more related to studying, began to pull resumes on businesses in your area. As his career was poor, stretched the time he worked in both companies. Left many curriculums and entered into an SME foreign trade. He was 22. After three years of intensive work decided it was time to grow up and leave again curriculums in different companies. This time I did not need to lie because his track record speaks for itself. 

Daniela was chosen by a multinational, for a very important position and only lacked the medical examinations. But the company had a database of resumes old and she had already been presented there three years earlier. But the data did not match each other: one of the two lying. 

Lying can be dangerous, and while Daniel was able to reverse the situation, it is never advisable to put false information, because most human resource consultants, such as Big Brother, all-seeing. What we can do is use other tricks, at least initially. 

Saber sold 

Do not put months 

we often do odd jobs or summer jobs, lasting a month. Put only helps or years will not notice the inexperience or spent a few days each. Always put your reference of the places you worked. The dates, if only the years should be included. 

Unpaid work is work 

The experience that an employer looks for is the skill in the art, knowledge, ability to work with people, respect for authority ... all learning issues even in non-rented. So consider it as an experience, community work, magazine publishing collaboration neighborhood or even in a family business can and should be included. On the other hand you may want always-on as you give the time-try to do something for free or for very little money, but is closer to what you want to do in the future. When you interview for a paid job in the field, we can tell that already have experience in the field. Of course this does not apply to any specialty. 

Not to companies, but tasks 

It is common in Latin America being a cadet and start taking care of other things done. It then put it as separate items, if only to see who reads your growth. Even many companies have different fancy names for different products. It also put that one worked for different productions. Obviously as you grow in experience, these items can fall back again. Later there will be things that make even very valuable. It makes no sense that a person with work experience put it spent two months in the family business. 

We turn to the heading courses 

Those with more experience flattened the heading section often cram courses and seminars. Note: a chat than an hour and a half on an issue-photocopies folded more than your name you are given at the end, can not be considered as a seminar, unless something very specific that is connected to what you want done. Limit the item and clarified how long each course. 25 years probably have many courses and seminars over and not worth them all, employers do not look at them, unless it is something very specific. The languages also add, at least if managed well. But perhaps appropriate to omit, depending on the position they hope to aspire. A doctor does not need (in most cases), an executive secretary himself. Sets the level at which you are (basic, intermediate, advanced). 

Curriculum but there is no more 

If you have to make a presentation at the State or public tender, probably have to present the unique curriculum that includes from your primary school to the two-hour short course on dressmaking: in these cases do have an obligation to read everything. Out of these cases, there is a limitation: the space and who want to read the CV. Think that if someone puts a notice in can receive between 100 and 400 resumes in a week, so that your presentation must be clear and accurate. Here there is a controversy over the limit of the extension. Some say that everything has to be on one sheet. Other, less orthodox, say three is viable and should not use tricks such as shrink the font size to six for everything between.Anyway, as one grows older is forced to leave things on the road. One option may be to assemble different CVs in terms of what you want to do. A psychologist may work as a human resources consultant and as a therapist. It should then have two models of curriculum. 

From the hand of the discussion of another controversial extension appears 

how to place personal data. The Orthodox say that you should put up little boy (still others put it at the top of the page.) The unorthodox put them as cover. Some people like to put a photo. Usually not necessary and in fact the consultants say that in general they send wrong: full body photos or cut out of a party or who are overweight and complicate the opening of the file. Better not make it, unless asked. If incluís whenever fotocarnet size. Another resource is not recommended is the "Objective", "My goal is to find a pleasant workplace, he succeeds in committing myself to the task and to establish strong links and lasting" version is also "I stand" would be something like "I am a young, enthusiastic, very proactive in wanting to learn."Although some people recommend these things, is not recommended. The coaches do not read it and everyone does the same. If it would still persist, which is not more than two lines. 

The order of CV 
First is personal data. Name, birth date, ID number, place of birth, nationality, marital status, address (city and area clearing, because whoever reads need not find out where General Rodriguez), landline phone and mail. Below the date of birth can also put age, but not required: it all depends if we take age as a highlight value or as something to hide. Contact details are very important. And if you're in search of employment should check mail two or three times a day, because many companies are handled only by this means. After personal data come from formal studies taken.Separated into full and ongoing studies. The primary is not necessary (unless you feel you can contribute something.) 

Then comes the experience itself. Here is also controversial. Some say that it is chronological, starting with the most recent. Others believe it is better by relevance.Surely the former is more orderly, but agrees to put everything (which sometimes goes against the principle of space). The second, which I recommend, is most striking. However, I insist: everything depends on who you have to present it. Another item that can be added in some cases is "publications." Served especially for those who want to pursue the academic world. Maybe not from as work experience, but it is important to put the titles of the last three investigations. Awards and citations may be a last highlight. 

After all this do come the courses, languages, management of Office (I manage all these programs, so watch how you present those skills) and other herbs. 

Regarding the design there are several possible formats. Hacelo provided in Word and simple design. No further complicate their life to the selectors. Make it easy to read and without pictures or logos: acordate they receive 500 resumes per day. If you ask any specificity (such as compensation and search reference intended), do not omit it directly your CV will be filtered. And you correct someone, because it is well presented with spelling errors. 

How it looks, there are different trends in the field. Here we present an overview. You will come to you assess what you like best and what suits you. Just in case you attached below my different curriculums for copies.


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