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How To Make Custom-Made Business Tools For Easy Management

Updated on September 6, 2016

Secure your business forms with customized documents and spreadsheets!

If you own a small business or an entrepreneur who is just starting out, then you will likely use free business forms and tools that you find on the Internet. Using free tools and documents is not bad. In fact, for small business owners like you, using a point-and-click software tool is very advantageous.

However, the question of security comes up whenever free tools and forms are mentioned. Because they are easily accessed and downloaded, these tools and forms may have viruses or spamware embedded in their code or the sites where they are hosted have dubious scripts running in the background and injecting your PC with dangerous software programs.

The risk of losing your business data is more valuable than spending a fraction of your money to buy a product that you can trust not to destroy your business. With a one-time payment for a license key, you can quickly download from a safe location in the vendor's website.

Filling up forms at the office
Filling up forms at the office | Source

Protect the information you exchange with your customers and business partners each day!

The best option for a small business owner like you is to make your own software and customize your business documents. Scammers and thieves can easily copy or hack their way through any free tool or form available online. With a custom-made software program, spreadsheet or a business document, you have control over the type of security measures you implement through a unique form design and a unique ID for each document used.

Tip #1: Customize the design of your business documents, forms, spreadsheets and software

Even when you need to use a free template for a business form, you will still need to edit it to make its appearance uniquely your own. Its design must be something your clients and customers cane easily identify as your mark.

Aside from your business logo and name of your company, include the color and type of paper to use for specific types of forms. Some companies even use watermarked papers to prevent unauthorized use of company forms.

This same principle should be applied on all business tools that your company uses, which includes software programs, forms and spreadsheets. Today's advanced watermark technology, including steganography, can encrypt micro-data into any image, such as your logo.

Tip #2: Customize the information fields in your forms

Although those free templates of business forms and spreadsheets already have basic information fields, you still need custom-made business forms to fit your data requirements. For example, you may insert the fields for names of persons whose signatures are needed for the approval of the request form.

Aside from the type of information, the format of the text as well as the lines, squares and check boxes should also be customized. Thinner lines save space, but check boxes and rectangular fields saves time and energy for employees when filling up the form.

Tip #3: Use macros and ready-made formulas for spreadsheets and financial documents

If you are using a spreadsheet for calculating your financial reports, then take advantage of ready-made formulas and templates for specific financial documents. These can be integrated with your company's accounting system easily. Integrating your custom spreadsheets and document templates with your processing and accounting system simplifies your business operations.

You do not even need additional training or to hire another employee just to use your company's custom software and train your other employees on how to use it. You already know how to use these custom made spreadsheets and documents because the software uses the Excel and Word formats, which almost everyone in the office knows.

How about you? Do you have suggestions for efficiency tools in business?

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