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How To Make Money With Amazon

Updated on November 7, 2019

Make Money With Amazon

When it comes to making money online an attractive option is Amazon. Being the largest retailer both on and off the web Amazon has a ton of products that you can recommend to your readers and bring in a commission. That being said there are a ton of Amazon type websites and blogs where people just like you are trying to earn some money.

In this hub page we are going to look at how to earn money with Amazon

Creating Your Website Or Blog For Amazon Sales

It is possible to create a website or blog for Amazon sales with a free blog such as Google's blogger however they tend not to be ranked well. A cheap approach is to use the fore mentioned Bloggger and pay for a custom name. Blogger will continue to host your new website or blog for free so you don't have to worry about hosting charges

Picking a name for your website or blog

This is important and is too frequently overlooked as a website or blog address such as Terry's Mall is going to do nothing for the search engines. Before picking a name and custom domain for your blog you need to figure out what you want to sell especially if the website or blog is a strictly review type site


I have seen too many websites and blogs devoted to Amazon review sites that are over complicated where you need to click through several screens before actually reaching the link. What you need to do is make it as simple as possible. Picture, product description and review then the link

Figure Out What You Want To Sell With Amazon

This may be the most important area when it comes to building your new blog or website with the idea of making money through Amazon commission sales. Do not just pick a subject or product out of the air as odds are your new website or blog will never get much traction in terms of traffic and sales

What Do You Want To Sell

As previously mentioned Amazon sells pretty much everything under the sun so picking the right product or type of products to sell should be easy right? No. The problem is there are a ton of Amazon type review sites on the web and the more popular the product the more competition is out there. This is definitely a niche website type marketing here.

The easy way to figure out how much competition is out there for a specific topic just type it into Google and see how many websites or blogs are dedicated to that one product. The other way is to use another Google tool called the AdWord Keyword Tool which is free to use with any Google account.

What you are looking for is an area that does not have a ton of competition but on the other hand has enough products that you would like to write about.

Lets take a look at Golf. Now golf alone has a ton of subtopics to write about from Clubs to Golf Balls to Golf Accessories to Golf Clothing the problem is competition is pretty steep. Personal dis closer here I use to have such a website and it did alright. What I found is I never ranked well for the more expensive items such as golf irons and clubs but did pretty well on the smaller items like specialized golf tees and products. A person would come in from the search engine for these smaller items but would end up looking at the more expensive products.

How To Create A Post For Amazon Sales

When it comes to creating a post for Amazon sales there are a couple of things to keep in mind

Product Name

One of the keys here is to use the full name of the product exactly listed on the Amazon website. For example Nike Golf Irons has too much competition however Nike Golf Victory Red Pro Cavity Irons, Set of 8 (4-AW, Right Hand, Steel, Regular) is much more specific and more likely to rank well. Remember when people are searching for reviews they tend to copy and paste the full item name into the search engine.

Product Description

Too many people make the mistake of just copying out what Amazon wrote on the product page without altering it. Not only do the search engines hate this as its repeated content the person who is searching for a review does not appreciate as well. The key is to find a happy medium of a full description of the product in your own words


It is extremely important to have multiple links in each Amazon review post. A good habit is to have one anchor link in the middle of the product review and one at the end of the post

Alternate Choices

It is a good idea at the end of the Amazon post to have a few other options for the readers to explore. Ideally the link will lead the reader to another post on your website and blog where they have a new option. Just listing a couple of links to other Amazon products may work but tend not to rank as well

Keys To Creating A Solid Amazon Review Site

There are a number of factors in creating a solid Amazon review site and most are common to creating a good website or blog


The more content the better. If your website only consists of a handful of reviews it is going to do poorly. Search engines are looking for content in order to send readers your way. Now lets go back to golf where I had ten reviews about golf irons, ten reviews about golf drivers plus another fifty reviews about various golf products. What my website needed at the time is a ton of posts that were not specific reviews but articles about putting tips, golf courses and whatever else golf related. Again the more content the better


When it comes to creating any type of website or blog links are important. Links connecting pages to pages or key words to key words. The more inner links the better. On blogger they make it easy as you can just put in keywords at the bottom of the post automatically. Lets take that example above I would use the full product name as a keyword, then Nike and then golf irons. One review post and three inner links


Back Links are essential if you want to appear on the first page of Google and there are a wide variety of ways to do so. Since you are reading this on hub page it is pretty simple to link your hub page back to your blog. Another way is by visiting fellow bloggers and leaving relevant comments with a link back to your site. The more back links you have the better as long as they are relevant

Have You Made Money With Amazon

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Lets Make Money With Amazon

Time to wrap this up. To recap in order to make money with Amazon there a number of factors you need to remember. The website that you are creating needs to have a reference to the main type of product your are selling ie golftotalreviews. When you are creating a post for an Amazon review remember to use the exact product name, a product description that you have reworded and a couple of links. The key to a strong blog or website is content, internal links and backlinks.

A ton of people make money with Amazon websites or blogs and there is no reason you can not be one of them. Good luck


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