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How To Make Money With Amazon Part 2

Updated on November 6, 2014

In this series of articles and video tutorials on how to make money with Amazon I have decided to add a little bonus as Part 2. So before we get into sourcing the best products to market, keyword research, building simple and easy niche sites and driving traffic to them, I wanted to cover these methods first.

There will be some of you who are not interested in building niche web sites and the beauty of Amazon is that you do not have to and you can still make money. Or, you can do what I do which is set up niche product sites and use these methods as an add on extra. The choice is yours.

The beauty of these techniques as well is that they are all free to do, all it takes is some time and effort on your behalf. You will need to apply both consistency and patience as it takes time to get your content out there and build up your friends, followers and subscribers etc. All that you will need are 3 of the most popular social media accounts with the sites You Tube, Facebook and Twitter.

I recommend that you set these accounts up in a niche market that you are either passionate about or have a keen interest in. This way you will enjoy making the videos and sourcing the products etc.

(All of the following information is covered step by step in my tutorial video at the end of this article.)

How To Make Money With Amazon On You Tube

- Film your video and in the description box below the video put in your link to the related Amazon product.
- Log in to your Amazon Associates account and across the top of your screen there will be a grey icon toolbar.
- To get your product link click on the Twitter share icon. A new box will pop up with your pre written Tweet and url.
- Copy and paste the url and shorten it at the website then copy and paste it into your You Tube video description box.
- Use an annotation on your video to prompt people to click on your link.

The more videos you make the more traffic you create and the more traffic you will get to Amazon = more affiliate commissions. This becomes auto-pilot income because your videos are being watched 365/24/7.

How To Make Money With Amazon & Twitter

- Choose a product to promote within your niche. Then as in the instructions for You Tube click on the Twitter share icon on the grey tool bar across the top of the Amazon page when you are logged in.
- A pre written Tweet will pop up in a new window. You will have to shorten the url ( by using as the one you are given has too many characters to be accepted by Twitter. Then tweet to promote.
- Use software products like Tweetadder to automate your tweeting and this software is also great for building up your followers on your Twitter account or several accounts if you have more than one.

Extra Tip: To get more video views and traffic to your Amazon products you can manually tweet your videos to your Twitter followers. This will generate more sales for you.

A Word Of Warning! Do not get spammy and over greedy with this Twitter method and send down products every 2 minutes. A general rule is to promote a product every 6 – 10 tweets and this way you will not get reported and have your account closed down.

To promote your products on Facebook you just click on the grey address bar on your Amazon page and it gives you both FB and Twitter options. Follow the FB instructions as prompted.

Facebook is great for not just promoting products but your videos too. Your friends on FB love to watch videos and will very likely share them with others too. The same goes for Twitter, it’s quite surprising how many of your tweets will get re- tweeted which is all extra exposure for you and of course more commissions.

Enjoy using these methods and please leave a comment on any success that you get or already have if you are currently using them now.

How To Make Money With Amazon Part 2 Video Tutorial

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