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3 Mobile Advertising Companies-How To Make Money With Mobile Marketing

Updated on October 11, 2013

Mobile Advertising Marketing Companies On The Rise

The Mobile Marketing Companies or Mobile Advertising Agencies are on the rise especially while their is a new generation that are making their own iPhone and iPad apps. Did you ever hear about Well that kid is making millions from making an app that farts! it is mobile marketing companies that are letting people know about the new apps as well as websites online.

Only one thing can keep an online talent from making money is not knowing how to market their news online by blogging,email, ppc, twitter, hubpages, ezinearticles and thousands more!

Marketing online with the blogs and different article formats can be tedious but if we want free traffic that's the way it's has to be done. We all know PPC(Pay Per Click) is expensive but very effective.

Mobile marketing is beginning to blow up and is surprisingly inexpensive. People just don't know how to do it.

What Is Mobile Advertising Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is when mobile optimized websites and banners are advertised on mobile phones. Most mobile ad companies choose to only direct ads to iPhone, blackberry, or android phones although many ads can be seen on all phones with Internet services.

I'm guessing the thought is most people with money have one of the phones in the list above.

Anyone or any company can benefit from mobile marketing. Just imagine the response you will get if you are a dentist advertising in your demographic area? It will be insane just because everyone take their phone where ever the go.

There is no limit for what type of business that can benefit though mobile marketing because if they are not formatted for the mobile phone their banner can be.

How To Make Money With Mobile Ad Companies

Making money with mobile marketing is not to hard to set up. There are many areas of the cell phone marketing industry you can get into. I first had to get familiar with websites I never heard of before, just to find some mobile formatted products such as.

3 Mobile Ad Marketing Companies

  1. Offermobi has all types of products, even numbers that you will get paid for every time a phone user dials the number you are advertising.You will have to register and be excepted. You will also have to have your own company name and url also.
  2. is a European advertising platform much like googles ppc, but is so much cheaper.Don't worry your can advertise anywhere in the world with only a click.
  3. Click on to see how easy it is to choose a location to advertise to.

How To Make Money With Cell Phones

Getting started making money with cell phones is the same as starting in any other business. It will take time and effort and of course some mistakes along the way unless you follow a successful business model.

I was fortunate even with the little knowledge but looked at this video an 18 year old made about making money with cell phone marketing and was giving the missing parts to my strategy.

I stopped fumbling around and was able to get started right away. My questions were answered in the videos and you can always look at them over and over again. The most tedious things I went through was just waiting to be excepted when joining the ad websites for my products.

If you have been making money with your blogs or websites this will be a great extra stream of income for you. It just may be your only stream of income,because the clicks come in faster!

With billions of people leaving their home everyday with their cell phone this can be the break you've been waiting for. If you want to make real online money really consider Mobile Marketing Company or creating products for cell phone and other devices.

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