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How To Prepare For Java Interview Experienced

Updated on April 8, 2015

Java Interview

Interview is the word that terrifies everyone as you feel very nervous at that time. Sometimes you are well prepared, still you wouldn’t able to perform better. Interview in the software industry is like this. If there is fresher interview then you can get through it by little hard labour.

However if you have more than 1 year of company experience then it becomes very hard to crack the interview.You are asked questions based on the work you have done.More specially,Interviewer ask Java beginner question s also that you have forgot.

It is because that interviewer knows now you are experienced and knows everything about the java. So he asks questions from core java, advance java to your experienced level.

How To Prepare For Experienced Java Interview

It happens that when there are very few people for experienced java interview then company doesn’t conduct written test. However, when it sees that lot of people are coming, then he conduct written test to get eligible candidate for interview and clear off the rest.

1. So it becomes quite important to prepare for written test also. Written paper normally includes basic question from your field and advanced question. It can also contain questions from other field like database etc.

2. After you clear written test, there comes interview. Normally experienced interview starts from core java basic. It has been seen that as we go forward and gain experience, we tends to ignore java basic and as interview call comes, we go there without preparation.


3. So preparation is very important whether you attend fresher or experienced interview. Cover all java basic right from polymorphism to interface, thread, jdbc etc. It is seen that normally interviewer start from basic and slowly goes to advance java.

4. In advance java , Servlets, jsp questions are asked like what is session, cookie. What is Servlets context? What are object in jsp or how two jsp communicate with each other.

5. There are some very good books available for java interview in the market. One of the books I will recommend java j2ee interview questions by vibrant publication , it is very good book which contain interview questions on every topic like java, jsp, servlet, webservices etc.

6. Prepare well the projects on which you have worked. Other than java, some questions are asked from your project like what your role in it is and what you have done.

If you are can’t able to get first two, three interview, don’t be disheartened. As you give interview, check your weak point where you are weak and prepare well for it. If interviewer catches you in that weak point, then you will surely lose confidence. Take lesson from your mistakes and attend coming interview.

Best of luck for you future interview.


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