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How To Prepare For Java Interview Fresher

Updated on December 11, 2014
Java Interview
Java Interview | Source

When you remain in engineering or any college, you study very hard and get good mark.You study hard so as to get good job in big company. In college campus usually lot of companies visits.If college is less known ,then no company likes to visit in that college.

At this time or when companies visit your college,it is important to prepare well for interview and grab the opportunity.

Jobs In Java Language

Java is one language or field where lot of companies in India and world are working. So there is huge market for job aspirant to get job in these companies. When you visit any company, you see already a long queue of candidates who wants job in that company. So it is really important to prepare really well for java interview and stand out separate from others. In this hub I will tell you that how prepare for java interview at fresher level.

How To Prepare for Java Interview

1. Brush Up Your Knowledge-First of all brush up all your knowledge that you have studied in your college. Refer some good book like the complete java reference, thinking in java and how to program by paul and harvey deitel. These books are best in their category and referred by every java expert.

2. Makes Your Fundamental Strong-As companies wants that your fundamental should be strong, therefore prepare each topic thoroughly. Solve the exercise question of each chapter if you have time. This will help to judge that you have understood the topic or not.

3.Some Common Interview Topics- In interview, question are asked from different topic in java but some topic are evergreen. Therefore questions are generally asked from these topics. Some common interview topics in java are-

a) Oops concept inheritance, polymorphism

b) Overloading and overriding

c) interface and abstract classes

d)String class



g)Input Output functions.

4.Analyse On Your Weakness-Analyse yourself and see in which topic you are weak. It is normally seen that interviewer ask question from your weak topics and entrap you in that. Ultimately you can’t able to answer and loose interview opportunity.

Buy Best Java Interview Book From Amazon

Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion
Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion

Book contains the mostly asked questions in Interview.It contains number of question so that you can prepare better for the interview.


5.Practice Programming Question-Some programming question are also asked in the interview.So prepare for it too. Normally they would ask overloading and overriding example, how to store data in collection and iterate it, or connection code in jdbc, writing and reading from file .

6.Confidence Is Important-Interviewer wants to see your confidence. So answer every question of interviewer confidently. When you answer any question of interviewer, he can easily judge whether you are nervous or confident. Some interviewer ask very few question and select candidates because they boldness in them.

7. If you got stuck somewhere in question, then be cool .Try to find the solution of it. If still you are not able to answer, say sorry to interviewer.

8. If required quote example, when you answer any question. It shows your good hold on the topic.

9. Follow the etiquettes of interview like greet the interviewer by saying hello and leave your interview place by saying thanks to your interviewer.

If you doesn’t select in the interview then don’t lose hope. Prepare well for next opportunity. Go home and see the answer of questions that you are not able to answer during interview. It will be very helpful for your next time interview.Best of luck to all java job aspirant.

Java Interview books

Take the guidance from some java interview book from the market.These books contain the summary of each topic in java.They also give the interview question asked under each topic.So after reading your basic java book ,refer these books also.


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