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How To Get A Job - Ultimate Guide To Getting A Job

Updated on October 19, 2013

Little About Me:

Fortunately I had the opportunity to experience and attend 2 youth employment programs at my youth that has helped me MAGICLY able to almost get any job I want. In those 2 programs they have top of the line information and were MASTERS of job obtainment which was what their goal was to help youth learn skills to obtain employment.

You may be thinking because I state youth here this mean's lower along-the-line type of jobs but this isn't the case. This thinking may be what is causing you to not get ahead. These skills work for EVERY job there is in the world, because the point of this is to "obtain" the job, preparation what you do before you start at your new work. With these tips and skills you take from me, you will be gold to be at the TOP OF THE LIST for being hired to almost any company you apply to. Now Listen Up =D!

Resume Skills:

First most important step to getting a job is your resume. It is the first thing an employer looks at and through wisdom and proven knowledge, you have literally 10-15 seconds to impress you employer to making your resume stand out from the rest.

First point to know, throw away fancy text, color, any fanciness whatsoever. A employer won't take it, coming from Kevin O'Leary billionaire entrepreneur: The minute I see any fancy lettering or color on a resume I throw it in the garbage. (I read his book)

So what do you do. Use plain black text Ariel or Times New Roman is nice, without the lettering being too small or too big, just perfect enough for them to read it. So I would suggest using 12 size text.

Second: Structure it evenly. They're are some people who have they're resumes totally uneven and that looks.. bad. Make sure the boarder of your resume is perfectly even to look neat and tidy.


Summary of Strengths and Skills:

- Fast learner/Quick witted

- Able to cope in all environments

( Have it all even with each other and not out of proportioned like this.)

-Faster learner/Quick witted

. -Able to cope in all environments.

If you have it all even on the borderline through-out the whole resume, it will be gold.

Now, you have literally 10 to 15 seconds to catch their attention to make your resume stand out so your going to add an objective at the beginning of your resume after your name, address etc, and put exactly what you are looking for. "Try to use 3 lines but if only can think of 2 that is fine"


Employment Goal:

To obtain full or part-time employment to build my work experience towards the future.

My main goal is to have stability and long-term employment at your company.

3 is recommended but 2 is fine.

Summary Of Strength And Skills: After you do this, your are going to write a summary of strengths and skills, this is what catches their eye because it is simple and scanned very quickly. Have 5 skills that you feel are good but also try to make them what the employer are looking for.

Note: write 5 for skills in summary that will catch their eye.

Employment History: After this write your employer history with your most recent employers and write down the month and year of when you started and ended. When you write down your employer name under it in smaller text put responsibility and duties, and write 2-3 duties you preformed for your work.

Note: it is only necessary to write last 2 employers 3 at the most. A resume should always be 1-2 pages, never more.

Education/Hobbies: You can choose to put a section for education and a separate section for hobbies and all it needs is a simple name of where you attended and the dates of when you started and ended. Putting hobbies puts a warm feeling in them to make them know you a little. It is recommended but completely your choice.

References: Last of all, references. Many experts say to NEVER put your references down and simply put references available upon request because other employees can prank call your references. This is true but I experienced both ways and what I found is when I put down my references they are glad to already have them down, and never did I hear about any of my references getting prank calls.. But putting available upon request is strategic too because if they're interested in you they don't have your references and can't get the background of you so they're pretty much in a must-need-to situation to give you a interview, learn about you and ask for your references XD. It's a win-win situation.

Note: You should always have 3 references, whether it's your neighbor, family friend, whoever.

So now you got through the most important step It's time to move on to applying.


When applying at a job you want to make a really good impression. From previous experiences I came in confident asking the right questions and this stood a play in they're mind's and was a huge part of landing me a interview.

When you walk in you want to look nice, wearing dress cloths for applying isn't a must but it would be a bonus. As long as your well groomed, (Nails clipped, nice hair, clean cloths) you should be A-ok. Walk in and ask for the manager. Asking for the manager show's them the employees and the manager that you want the job, and they actually always look for this when someone is applying at their place cause it separates a person who wants it and a person who is just applying with low effort. If the manager isn't in be critical and say do you know when he will be in, (Note this in your mind) and say ok I'll be back later. And proceed back at that time. If they say he isn't in right now ask do you know when he'll be in next, your gold. You made a impression to them that you stand out and want the job and they will tell this to the manager. Your on a huge way!

If you do these steps as is here you should get call backs, usually it takes employers 1 week to get back to you if they are going to hire you. If that week is up don't get your hopes down some employer's take 2 weeks to a month to get back to you. But after that 1 week you want to try again to show your persistence that you want this job and this is usually the deal-breaker to landing an interview.

Interview tips:

This is it, you are now in the interview, it's full throttle now. Shape up, put on a dress shirt do the best you can to impress! ( just don't go overboard no tuxes ;) )

In an interview you are going to want to prepare yourself.

Because I have been in so many interviews now and have done this for so long I am pretty much a so called natural and thing's just click for me in every interview I no-longer have to prepare myself, if you are a very good communicator you should be like this too but if not here's what your going to prepare.

Prepare in your mind going into the interview. You must be ready to answer any question they have, don't sweat it. There is no wrong or right answer, just good answers. Start with a handshake smile on your face and say Hi nice to meet you! Or hi how are you. If he say's good you say with enthusiasm good good. Sit down be relaxed usually they ask you why you want to work their. Example: Well I've been in the area and I've been looking for work and right now I need a job and I really want to work hard for whoever employs me. This is usually what I say but if you want to have a higher chance of impressing them then look into their company and find points you like about it and rehearse what your going to say in any way you like of why you would want to work there. He will ask many more questions, depending on the interviewer. Some interview's are short some are long, so as long as you have a 'answer' that goes with the question he asked you should be fine. Rehearse many question's in your mind and go over having answer's for them :).

3 Things that will land you the job:

Now, this is what every employer is looking for and if you can deliver these 3 things in the interview you will without a doubt 90% have the chance of having this job. It is to..

Assure them you have no problem getting to and back from work. Explain your distance and how you would get to work and back. Some employers are testy so have a back up for instance, "If your car broke down how would you get to work", I have a friend who lives right by I would be able to get them to drive me, if not I would be in a dire need and I would call a cab if needed.

They want to know your a hard worker. So tell them how you would benefit them for instance, " Right now my main focus is work, when I am working I like to put my full attention to it and get things done". You can word any of this with however matches you but make sure you tell them it in a good confident way.

Lastly they want to know your reliable and a long-term employee, who wants to hire anyone for a few months with someone quitting. So tell them any consistency's you have had with your previous jobs such as, " I have never missed a shift never called in sick" or if you have never had a job or weren't so reliable, say some responsibility you have done with family members or friends. "When I was young I had to do the dishes everyday and I never missed one day", "I use to go to help my friends family every week to clean they're yard, I did that for a whole year and never missed a day".

If you can say these three things! You have said everything they are looking for in an employee. Your chances of getting this job is now up by 90%! You had the interview you have everything their looking for there is no reason for you to not get the job, if the odd time that 10% does happen, it is due to a similar person who had all those attributes and had more experience than you.

Lastly. Always have a answer for the question at the end, this is usually also a small determining event just to see how well prepared you are for this job. This is usually just the cherry on the cake question for employers. If they ask do you have any questions, prepare yourself for this, look into they're business look into thing's that may interest you for instance, "Yes I looked into your business and I saw that you guy's have accumulated (this amount) in sales, is this true?" Like I said it can be for almost anything but this shows your interest. IF you get stumbled even I have sometimes you can say no, you have said everything in the interview I needed to know about, thank you with a smile on your face. This is plan B though, always try to have that plan A.

Ok people! If you follow this info you will without a doubt be on the high-lead of getting past the MASSES of people and will have a job very soon. I am very excited for you and I would love to hear if any of this was useful! Please message me any success stories you have because I have gotten jobs and jobs and jobs and I know this will help you's!

Graph Bar and Link's Below :)


Sources Of My Learning

I have to give a special thanks to the ESTEEM Program, for paying me to participate in a 5 week program and gave me amazing! Skills that led me to where I am now, thank you. Link below.

A special thanks to the Yepp Program for also being similar to the previous program I was in and shaping up my skills long ago. Thank you's. Link Below

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Step By Step Lay Out

Critique Your Resume
Groom Yourself/Be Hygenic
Prepare Yourself/Think
Lay Out The Best You Can
Ask For Manager
Dress Well/Dress Shirt, Cloths
Keep It Simple / 2 Pages Only
Ask Question's If He Is Not
Display 3 Key Points/Rock it!

© 2013 PoeticPhilosophy


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    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 

      5 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      Thank you poeticphilosophy, for this informitive information.

    • PoeticPhilosophy profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Canada

      Thank you Shadow =D

    • Shadow Jackson profile image

      Billionaire Brains 

      5 years ago from Washington, DC

      Great tips! This is awesome!


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