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How To Run An Effective Sales Meeting Using Grant Cardone's On Demand University

Updated on September 9, 2014

Meetings should be meaningful, effective and energizing.

Cardone On Demand and Cardone Universtiy is the most innovative online program for the sales professional AND professional sales organization.

If you're in the Automotive Industry, Cardone On Demand was designed for you.

If you're in any other sales or service industry like insurance sales, real estate sales, the fitness industry, if you need sales training for MLM (multi-level marketing) then Cardone University will be perfect for you and your company

The purpose of this article will be to look at how you can use this powerful tool to go beyond sales training and into maximizing every opportunity you get while solving the problems that you, the sales professional encounter daily.

Continuous development is the mark of a true professional. Professionals don't wing it!

Another mark of professionalism is that as an organization, you're having a daily meeting. And whether that organization is an organization of one or one hundred, an effective daily sales meeting is crucial to your success.

Are you having a daily meeting now? If so, are these meetings getting your company anywhere or are they just putting your employees into sleep mode?

Let's get some advice from Grant Cardone for what constitutes an effective meeting and then let's see how you can plug these tips into Cardone On Demand or Cardone University.

Dig in here and I guarantee that you'll find something you can use to improve your meetings today! Whether you're on Cardone On Demand or not, there will be nuggets in here for you!


Meetings Should Be Purpose-Driven

The meeting that you're going to run needs to first and foremost be motivating!

Use this time to get focused on selling. In your meetings, you don't have to lecture on same the same thing over and over again. Those kind of meetings can actually have a negative effect on your people's motivation level.

So, log in to Cardone On Demand or Cardone University and pick something that will motivate your people, get them in the right frame of mind and crush any negativity they may have brought in with them.

To get the right frame of mind set in, look into the Training Center under Fundamentals of Selling.

In our office, we have a meeting everyday and I'd say 90% of the time we focus on fundamentals. The foundation can never be strong enough.

You Want Compelling Content In Your Meetings

I've sat through many a sales meeting where I showed up pumped up and left all crapped out. That's no way to start a weekend sales event, I'll tell you that!

When you do your daily meeting, if you want to go deeper than just motivation, give them solutions/

Grant tells us that, "Sales meetings should be delivered every day and provide the team with information that gives them new hope and new solutions that will help them in increasing business."

Grant goes on to say that, "Most companies agree with daily sales meetings but don't actually hold them because they lack fresh and compelling content. Eventually and inevitably, meetings become a waste of time. For sales meetings to be effective you must invest time and energy in making them interesting over and over again."

So, here's what you want to have happen to make sure that your meetings are not just productive but purpose driven.

  1. Your meetings should bring your team together, inspiring them to function cohesively as a team. The every man for himself attitude won't cut it in the long term.
  2. You want your meetings to not only motivate but provide the sales and management teams with hope of what's possible.
  3. Make sure that the meeting also prepares an individual sales person with a new technique or solutions that will actually help increase sales.

While going through the Fundamentals will be helpful here, there will be some good nuggets to help you provide those solutions in The Road To The Sale (Steps to the Sale in Cardone U) and in Closing The Deal. Our Phones and Internet section will be chock-full of motivating, effective solutions you all can use not only in meeting but in self coaching and troubleshooting. Helping your people solve problems and increase production will go a long way for generating volume, building value in the product and the dealership.

These meetings must be kept fresh, motivating, engaging and upbeat.

You want your meetings to be kept fresh, motivating, engaging and upbeat. Make sure that your people don't feel like they're wasting time. Also avoid the data dump. There's no need to overload them with information that is just "information."

You want that meeting to be short, inspiring, provoking, positive and focused on SOLUTIONS!

Short = twenty minutes or less. If you can get pizza delivered in the time it takes to do a meeting, it was too long.

So, before you go and rally up the troops for yet another sales meeting, here's three types of meetings to take a shot at so you AND your people can get the most out of a sales meeting.

1. The major goal of the sales meeting is to offset the massive amounts of negative information your team has received in the last 24 hours from mass media. Use Cardone On Demand to counter that. Watch something positive and discuss with the crew.

2. Save A Deal meeting! One of the tools you'll find in Cardone On Demand is The Quick Fix Solutions. This tool is loaded with over 300 closes, stalls, objections and corrections you can use in a meeting to handle, practice, drill and rehearse any objection the gets in the way. Isolate the speed bumps and drill them out! Makes a killer meeting!

3. Focus on the wins not the losses! Take a few minutes at every meeting to congratulate salespeople for any and all completed goals, closed deals, and successes. Praise reinforces positive behavior and encourages everyone to do well. Keep the discussion relevant and don't allow people to present problems unless they also have potential solutions.

Key is Consistency

In closing, your sales meetings should be daily, short, engaging, entertaining and interesting. Keep them focused on solutions and be the positive not the negative.

Your sales people and managers are being trained either way. The question is, will you, the company provide them with positive sales training daily or will you let the media train them into apathy with the consistent negativity and bad news?

Having an effective sales meeting done on a daily basis will prove a great investment of time and energy.


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