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How to Start a Business With Great Impact and Lower Risk

Updated on May 20, 2017

7 Powerful Ways to Start a Business That Leaves an Impact on People.

To be your own boss and an entrepreneur at the same time is the wish of every person and seems like it is in vogue.

Individuals are sick of working at places where they are unable to earn enough and have their dreams left alone.

Many times people do try to start a new business by their own efforts & knowledge. But due to the lack of proper planning, a few skills and the knowledge of how to start an effective business, they come to a loss.

Here, I have collected seven effective ways to start a your own business that leaves a great impact on people you are targeting.

#1 - Start With A Business Plan And Create a Strategy

First of all, you need to figure out what business you are planning to start, even if it is a franchise or affiliated business. If not a franchise or affiliation of any brand, then you must have to think about a business name, a logo, website, name cards, etc.

Let’s say you are planning to start a business of selling goods and products in particular location for mom. For this business you will be needing people who can deliver it your products to your customers.

So, you have to start hiring a few people. To hire people, you might take help of advertisements for job openings in local newspaper or cable network, etc. Once you have people who can deliver the products, it becomes easier for you to wait until the product is delivered and earn the cash.

While starting such a business, you need to make sure that products are being delivered as early as possible. For example: If you tell the customer that his or her product will be delivered by a week, then make sure that the product reaches your customer by the fifth or sixth day without fail. This will increase your business trust and they can refer your business with their network.

The most important thing to start a business is that you have to have a specific idea and strategy to make your business grow. You should also keep a track of the weekly and monthly profits and loss in your business. This will help you to know if your business strategy is actually working out or not.

#2 - Think What you Need (Number Of Employees, Tools)

You should have a decent number of employees or productive team for each job like, a copywriter, delivery boy, webmaster, marketing manager, etc.

Have a meeting with your new employees and assign them their roles. Explain your motto and place your expectations in front of them clearly. You can get identity cards made up for them also.

In fact you can allow them a free product or merchandise every month or narrow it down to the best male and female employee getting a free product at the end of the month, when they will be receiving their salary. This will create excitement for the employee as well and help them to stick on longer with you and the business. The staff members could also be offered an overtime bonus.

You must have some marketing tools that could help you keep a track of how much work is happening, at what time, for how long, who are your clients, how well is your business going, how much have you progressed, where is your business being advertised and how many people are viewing your website and its advertisements.

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#3 - Cover Your Online Space

Get a website; update a blog on it about your business; make sure your business is on most of the popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. It is very important to choose the right social media platform for your business. Along with that, you can reward your team member to blog about your business.

Train your hired copywriter, to post about the products you have on Facebook and tweet about the quick delivery system on Twitter, etc. And link everything back to your website, where people can start searching for desired products and add them to their cart.

While creating a website, ask your designer to add call-to-action buttons wherever necessary. Also, add social share buttons. Don’t forget to get descriptive about the products. And have a section for feedback.

Feedback section is very important as it will keep you updated on about the satisfaction of your customers. You will get to know their interests, likes, dislikes and their views on your product, sites, etc.

You can start by creating deals and offers at the opening of the website. Most importantly, offer what people want to buy and not what you want to sell. Like for mom, they like to buy toys, clothes, jewelry, makeup kits, etc.

You can create videos of ‘how to….makeup’ or ‘parenting guides’ or even ‘new fashion trends’. For this you could hire models or wannabe models or even have your previous employees to do the same.

#4 - Improve Your Finance & Revenue

Look out for people who will promote your business and finance them as well. This will help you in money matters too. You can also have partnerships.

Trace where the money is going, where is it coming from, which product is generating the most revenue, and from where could you increase the money.

You can give offers like ‘buy one get one free’ on products or have some discounts on products. This could attract several people. Not only this, you can create offers related to an upcoming festival and have the offers displayed on all the websites to acknowledge the people. And if you can do paid advertising on occasion, go for it.

Overestimate the expenses and underestimate the revenue. This will help in controlling your expenses and you will be well aware of the vicissitudes of your revenue. Besides, there are several cost effective strategies for your business that could come to the rescue.

#5 - Blog Daily, Be Consistent and Keep Updating Clients

Make sure that you are blogging daily about one or another product of yours with pictures and short videos. Place the products under attractive headings and add hash tags within the products for easy location. This will come to the notice of your customers. And they might end up sharing it further.

Be sure to have an email made especially for the feedback and promotions of your business. You can do email marketing and notify your followers about the upcoming products. Beware that you don’t keep on mailing a discount on the same product they purchased earlier. This could upset your client causing them to unsubscribe from your site.

Once you start the blogging and emailing your business, keep it consistent. Remember to post blogs, on a day-to-day basis and email your clients weekly. The most preferable time to email your clients will be when they get a break from work, usually the evening timings, the weekends, the holidays and the salary receiving days.

#6 - Stay Focused to Your Clients & Marketing

Focusing on sales and marketing is very important throughout the whole time. The promotions, the advertisements, the shares, the likes, etc; help to gain more followers, viewers, customers and furthermore.

Creating awareness about your business is essential. Once people are aware of your business and products, they land up on your page now and then. They might see a product they are willing to buy but could be out of their budget. For such people, you could offer EMI options.

Another most important thing in your business will be your clients. There are several platforms through which you can know your client and their interests, etc.

For example: If you have a client that frequently purchases items from your website, you can give them a discount on products that she is most likely to purchase or a free product at the most. This should be done especially when it is her birthday or anniversary.

Sending out a ‘happy birthday’ or ‘happy anniversary’ mail along with a discount coupon or free product will make the customer feel as if they are important to you. This technique will make them come back for more offers and surprises. They are more likely to share your website to their friends and family, which will help in the growth of your business.

#7 - Don’t Give Off Discounts Always But Add Value

Last but not the least is adding value for your customers.

The most common technique in sales is the ‘discount and add value’ method. In this, the seller will increase the price of the product and put it up for discount. The end revenue will be either more than the previous price or just the exact amount as the previous one.

Once your business is on line and has started to grow, you can increase the price of the products gradually. But it should not be a very vast difference between the first price and the present one. If it comes into the notice of the customer, they will back off from your list of clients.

Encourage your customers to purchase more from you but make sure that you are not forcing them to do the same again and again. Sending positive replies and attractive mails to your clients will lure them to purchase something from you.

Final Words

After following the above mentioned tips, your business would be going well on track. Remember to have follow ups with the clients and reply to their feedbacks on time. This will help to keep the clients engaged with your business.

You can always try out new things and be creative within the websites and blogs by changing the designs and even flaunt the progress graphs or the feedback of your clients on the social media.

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