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How To Start A Career in SEO

Updated on April 12, 2016


Welcome, to all my money seekers and SEO novices.

Over the past 2 decades the internet has boomed. The age of the internet has lead to a wealth of services and products being created to help entrepreneurs succeed in their online endeavors. In the beginning it was fairly easy to get ranked high google rankings and on the first page due to a lack of competition. As methods for building websites started to become easier and more user friendly, more and more people began to build their own websites. This lead to a flood of new websites. The competition had increased and after all Google only allows 10 sites on their first page. This is where Search Engine Optimization began to become increasingly critical to online entrepreneurs. It is the process of using back links, keywords and a host of other factors to add to the value, rank and authority of a site. People began to create a business in this niche market by offering services to increase the SEO health of a website thus ranking them higher on Google. It has developed into a fully fledged career and a lucrative one at that. You can join the fun claim your own share of the pie as well. I am going to show you how to do this.

Step 1

The first step to start a career offering your SEO services is to decide whether you want to go at it alone or whether you want to work for an SEO agency. Next you need to make sure you have some of the basic skills required for this niche job. You must be able to take one look at a website and recognize the success and failure features of the site. You should start bullet pointing, in your mind, the aspects that can be improved and the amount of work required to carry out these improvements. This skill will instantly increase your chances of finding a job or client.

A few other basic skills that you will need are; HTML, CSS, blogging, SEO, WordPress usage, and Google Analytics etc. In order to develop these skills, you should start your own blog. The easiest platform to learn from is WordPress. They offer many helpful plugins that improve the SEO status of a website. In this way, you can start practicing your SEO skills on your own site while you have fun blogging about topics that you are interested in. I suggest that you sign up for Google Analytics account. Here, you will encounter terms such as; bounce rate, impressions, search engine traffic, keywords and many others.

It is important to understand the above Google analytics metrics. This means that you can use these fancy terms when talking to prospective clients and seem like an authority on the subject.

Step 2

The best thing that you can do to make progress in any career is to read and gain knowledge. That is why you must read books that explain SEO techniques, read SEO blogs (SEOmoz and SEObook), and talk to authorities in the field. After you have done your research and reading, you should have a good amount of knowledge regarding URL’s, tags, metatags etc. You should look at certain SEO free tools that will improve your SEO campaign. Through reading, you will sound more professional when speaking to potential clients as well.

Step 3

It is critical to understand link building techniques. Many SEO experts find that this is the hardest part of the job. You should be able to differentiate between worthy, authority links and those unworthy links that will hurt a websites SEO. Google places a high emphasis on back links when they review websites.

Next you should consolidate all the relevant SEO tools and information that you have learnt and apply it to your website. Monitor your success by using Google Analytics and the Google metrics checker tool. You will be able identify your mistakes and successes. You are now ready to offer your services.

Step 4

Apply for jobs. You can do this by submitting your CV to SEO agencies or you can register as a freelancer online. A great site to offer your SEO skills is

Start A Career in SEO by Outsourcing

This is a much easier method to make money in the SEO field. The method to do this is listed below:

  1. Start your own website wherein clients can order your SEO services. E.g. You can offer packages; offer to build 100 authority back links or 200 and so on. This is easy to do if you have a basic knowledge of WordPress. You do not need any SEO skills. However, if you have followed the above guide and gained some SEO skills you can improve the SEO status of your own site thus ranking higher in Google and getting more clients. You can pay someone to design your site as well and pay for SEO services to promote your site.
  2. Add a blog to your site. Post approximately 50-60 SEO related articles. These articles must be off a high quality. You can write your own content or outsource it. This makes Google see your site as an authority site which will boost your rankings.
  3. When someone lands on your site and orders a package you then outsource the work.
  4. You can easily find SEO services on sites like Fiverr and Freelancer. Purchase their services.
  5. Receive an SEO report from them and hand it over to your clients.
  6. The difference in amount is your profit.


In conclusion, the initial process might be time consuming and expensive (if you outsource it), but you will reap the benefits thereafter. You can easily be earning 5 figure amounts per month if you complete this process thoroughly.

It's Your Turn

Which Method Do You Prefer

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