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How To Successfully Sell 70% More Online

Updated on March 17, 2013

Have you recently listed an item on eBay, only to be frustrated with zero bids and only 3 pageviews / day? Or worse, you have 100+ pageviews, but no one will bid. The feeling of "what have I done wrong" sinks in and you start to ask yourself if it is worth the effort.

How many PageViews / Day do you average on eBay?

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Typical methods for determining “best practices” for creative listings include reading other listings (blind leading the blind approach) or typing a list of functions the product provides. Neither approach has provided you much success.

What if you could you could double, triple, or ten-fold your success? One common mistake is too many individuals focus on the # of pageviews. How many individuals find your page is less important than how many individuals actaully read it and take action on it. “Finding” a page is marketing. “Reading” it is learning. But “taking action”, now that is sales and salesmanship.

Would you rather have 100+ pageviews with no bids or 10 pageviews with 3 bids?

Answer these (3) questions and you have the basis of a good sale

  1. What problem does this product solve?
  2. Can you write a story that the buyer can relate to involving this product?
  3. Can you cause the buyer to take action?

The most successful products on the internet are those that solve a problem. Framed a different way, few products succeed that don’t solve a problem for a potential buyer. Shut your eyes and visualize those who have purchased (and used) this product in the past. How have they used it? In what situations have they used it? What made them emotional and drove them to purchase it?

From your brief moment of daydreaming, write a paragraph (or two) about the scenario. Black and white is boring! Add color to illustrate your point by describing 3 senses. Yes, 3 of the 5 senses (hearing, smelling, tasting, sight, touch). What is the sound of the product or what other noises were in the background? What did the product taste like or where did you have dinner the first time you used it? Make the picture come alive and the product come alive in the process. Build a picture in their mind of themselves potentially using the product. I once sold “Moose Poop Earrings” on eBay and in the description I discussed the smell of the crumbling leaves in the Maine woods and the sound of my friend screaming as she stepped in the “product” as we first collected “inventory”. Yes, I actually sold Moose Poop on eBay once – amazing what Americans will purchase on eBay!

Make it personal. Most successful sales people will personalize the purchasing experience and, in the end, will ask for the sale. Asking for the sale is simple and too many weak sales reps are timid and fail to ask the question. Asking for the sale is simply asking for action.

I recently read a book called "Web Copy That Sells". This book changed my entire approach to writing eBay listings and online product information. I strongly recommend it for anyone who sells products online.

Next Step:

You have taken a step forward by reading this article. Read other webpages and continue your passion for selling online, because you are on the right path. Also consider glancing at "Web Copy That Sells" and "The Long Tail". Each of these is rich with insight and specific examples.


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      CPM Advertising Network 7 years ago

      Thanks for the article it is really helpful.