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How To Survive and Thrive In The Coming Obama Command and Control Welfare State

Updated on December 20, 2012

Survival of The Fittest is The Name of The Game In A Welfare State. Each according to his needs is not really how it works.

The coming American super welfare state and the New Obama dream come true of a Utopian Soviet United States of America is not exactly what a lot of true believers think it will become. Socialist revolutions since Karl Marx started the first one with the establishment of the first modern labor union have never lived up to the expectations of the hopeful believers in all the important changes desired. It is important to understand that we have a vast history of attempts at socialism and communism , communes and central planning and we have a very good record of the results. The results are not very encouraging but that never stops the true believers from dreaming.

The first thing you have to realize that happens is that the real goal of leaders of socialist movement is to gain political power to take control of all economic decision making or as much as they possibly can take. The belief today is that our super computers will somehow make them better decision makers. That belief is false. Some of the smartest people who ever lived have had great difficulty competing with liaise faire market in creating wealth and distributing it in a manner that allows incentives to pay off with benefits and sets prices according to a balance point between supply and demand such that almost amazingly without any central planning or even a thought about it valuable goods and services become affordable to a wide spectrum of people in a nation or a society. Central planning has the unfortunate side effect of causing advanced economies to face conditions of starvation. One country after another that tried to have a soivet, or super centralized authority controlling all economic circumstances ended up with mass starvation Including Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba etc. If not mass starvation at least lack of incentives so that food would have to be imported or accepted as foreign aid. Central planning never seems to end as well as people expect. The results of central planning in Europe should now be called into question considering just how hollow the financial system became in parts of Europe. Not only was it hollowed out but it gave rise to great depression levels of unemployment that will not entirely subside until more market based economic circumstances return to the continent and the countries most affective. Incentives or rewards for labor are what compound to grow an economy. Central planners think they can set the incentives and control the output and the general results the problem is that what works for training dogs does not work for training people to do tricks for treats.

The Obama central planning utopia is principally investing it's efforts in social engineering and in the religion of environmentalism which aims to decide how much in terms of goods , services people in a society are allowed to consume, how much physical energy they can consume and how they believe that greenness comes from their beliefs. Well the problem with that is the central planners who are doing it for their environmentalism are often wrong. That means what they say and what they do are two different things that don't complement their goals. Lets look at a brief history of environmentalist initiatives that badly failed according to their own changing policy directives: First we have ethanol. It cost more petroleum and natural gas type energy inputs to get a gallon of ethanol in cost and / or materials than the energy we get out of. Ethanol was promoted as a huge central planning goal and it has now backfired with subsidies which are really energy use subsidies to support an industry that never should have come to exist because supply and demand don't balance. Subsides for ethanol are expensive, use more energy than you get in final output and happen to have what the environmental idiots who gave it to us in the first place call unfortunate "externalities" which include ruining cropland and causing starvation if far away places because excess grain as food is no longer available for foreign aid as it once was. Now after giving us their big idea and getting Washington DC to make it law the same environmentalist groups that once pushed for it are realizing they screwed up except they blame the industry that they benefited with the subsidies. The more entrenched the ethanol business gets the harder it is to get rid of it by getting rid of the subsidies. Now jobs would be lost if we had to let ethanol compete in the real market so the central planning led to a hopeless result but that won't stop more central planners from giving us forced wind power and solar power that has equally disastrous long term consequences by the alternative loving Obama administration and their central planning nut cases.

Anyone seeing the present day complaints about plastic grocery bags having to be terminated should realize the same groups pushing to curtain paper bags because that hurt trees are now against the plastic ones and the industry they once helped create. The same thing happened with other central planning control ideas. Nuclear Power was sold as a clean safer alternative that needed subsidies in a number of countries and instead of being cheaper has turned out to be more expensive and sometimes pretty dangerous than non alternative energy sources. You can see the results of this in Japan where the central planning authorities pushed to make the country a nuclear super grid country and only 30-40 years later want to dismantle the entire nuclear infrastructure there after the fukishima mess. It gets worse because central planners are willing to believe lies . One of the more recent lies was peak oil. Sure it was a theory but the big oil companies were saying it was false from the beginning and yes it has proved to be completely false . Now we find out we have more natural gas and more oil than ever expected. The central planners how ever were and still are going on the same tangent they were on making it impossible to get pipelines built and making new distillery works impossible to permit. That means we might be exporting much of our output instead of putting it to use. The biggest lie ever has been global warming and that lies continues to be an effective propaganda tool by big central planning agencies. The public increasingly believe what has never been proved. Countries that follow that line of thinking as a central planning parameter for economic development are going to suffer economically in the future. Fortunately where there is oil and natural gas left in the ground it will always still be there to get out when the time is right and the central planners change their mind.

So how do you survive and thrive in a socialist welfare state with idiots running everything on the pretense that just because they take power that they are smarter than anyone else to make all the economic decisions? The first survival tip to know is that central planners are very sensitive to criticism. You are not allowed to criticize them because they are smarter than God or the free market. You shower them with gifts. In China they call those bribes but not in Russia where they are still known as gifts. You get masses of other people to laugh at them in public but never get caught doing it yourself. The wanna be central planners believe you should adore them for saving you even if they are doing nothing but harm or down right evil. It is like having a room full of Nazis chanting how great everything Hitler is doing will be in the future. Learn to say Hail Hitler Obama if need be. At least you don't get shot.

So the idiot environmentalist religion believers will have you wasting your time sorting your garbage and putting it at the curb for pick up where instead of one truck burning diesel or natural gas comes to get it 5 different trucks come and waste more energy than is ever saved by recycling instead of just picking up garbage and burning it after having a few robots sort out the metals in it to produce more energy than is spent collecting and sorting it. You see things don't have to make sense when you have people on a new age religion holy crusade of abject stupidity. Remember it will only get worse before it gets better. That's because these central control idiots believe they are doing good no mater what the consequences are. The only think that stopped German NAZI central planning was total destruction. The same thing happened in the soviet union. The truth about why China switched to capitalism was the exact same thing--The economy looked just like north Korea today in china except at their special factories that did business in Hong Kong for foreign exchange money. The Chinese learned the hard way too but just don't admit it readily.

Does it pay to take all your state given economic benefits? Yes but to survive you have to do what that woman did who had got 90 Obama Phones instead of just one as part of her economic security package from the central planners. You have to help exhaust the resources of the state if you want to survive and thrive. Never hesitate to get more than your share because a lot of other people will never have any idea they can get what you are getting. That helps collapse big nonsense government sooner than later and can help you thrive while others are drowning. What if you get caught? If you give gifts to the people in the government taking care of you just keep a good quality record of that to show the secret police when they come to pick you up.

How do you survive the secret police? You either become a member of the secret police organization to get better benefits than everyone else or you send your children to secret police camp. If they won't let your kids into secret police camp teach them to do the Hail Hitler Obama thing repetitively until they do get in. So learning to survive and thrive is really not that difficult. If the government wants to give you re-education classes be sure to get one where ass kissing is part of the curriculum. Can you imagine what McDonald's would be serving if the government took it over? Even if no one wanted to eat it and all 30000 restaurants were going out of business you would still want to go there and get a job where you can get the Obama health care waiver. Yup the places would be falling apart with broken windows and no electric but if you pretend to be working there and keep saying Hail Hitler Obama loud enough you get points for more obama phones in the months leading up to the coming election. Can you make billions of dollars doing that? Probably not. You need to get a government job for that one where you can control some ex private business and secretly go into a grey or black market dealing for hard currency . You put that money away quietly and save it until the state collapses and you can buy all the failed steel mills in the country for $10 in cash. Then when capitalism starts coming back you become something like a Russian mobster billionaire . Learn to act like a mobster to be able to keep what ever industries you can buy for nothing. Remember socialism is the survival of the fittest. Never hesitate to rat out friends and neighbors for cheating in the system but don't get caught yourself unless you are part of the upper levels of the government in which case it is a crime to report you as a criminal even if you are a murderer..A little like unionized public school teachers today. No mater how worthless and stupid or abusive or criminal they can never be fired and the rubber rooms are waiting. Yes rubber rooms are great if you can get one. Once you get a rubber room to your self you can sit and read novels or watch Oprah all day for the 8 hours you have to put in to get paid your regular salary plus an over time rubber room bonus.

You get to ride your bicycle home after work because that saves the world from evil cars so be sure to be seen on your cycle doing the hail Hitler Obama routine at every traffic light you go though. When you get home from work tell the kids you are going to report them because you are a member of the secret police so they don't report you.


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