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Why Do We Buy? How To Trigger Customers Into Buying Any Product

Updated on July 5, 2020
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Arthur Ariel is a young enthusiastic learner that is addicted to learning new stuff and isn't shy away to share what he's learned so far


Let's face it, nobody wants to buy your product.

At least, not right now.

Throwing your product into the market and promoting it on every website won’t do the job if your customer won't have any REASON to buy it.

But my product already has the best features? That’s not enough, you need to give them benefits not features but I’m not going to go deep on features, so I’m going to leave a link here to help you write excellent copy

On this article, we’ll be talking about the psychological triggers of what makes people buy a product and how you can use it to your advantage.

Nobody Cares About Your Product

Buying gets a really bad rep from the public. The professional salesperson knows this, your neighbour know this, you know this.

Remember the time you get a call from some salesman offering their product? How many times did you actually buy it? I bet it’s almost slim to none.

But my product is obviously better than those salesmen?

Yeah, maybe, but like the sales call, 87% of potential customers won’t even care if your product is the next invention or not. They don’t have a big reason to buy it.


The Psychological Triggers Of Why People Buy

Before we get to why people buy, you need to understand this because people who’re starting sales don’t know this.

When people buy a product, they’re buying 2 things:

  • The External: The actual product
  • The Internal: What feeling/state will they get out of a product

Most people sadly only sell external reasons. It’s not going to work!

Let me give you an example, why do you think people want to buy a Ferrari? Is it the engine? Is it because of the design of the car? Is it because it’s super fast?

No. It’s because it gives you the feeling of being part of the exclusive, the feeling of success, the feeling that you actually made it. Why’s this so?

It’s because Ferrari is a very prestigious brand and people, consciously/unconsciously, WANT to be a part of it.

That’s the key to why people want to buy it, they WANT it.

The Big Want

Every time we do something, it’s for 2 reasons:

  • To Avoid Pain
  • To Gain Pleasure

This also goes for buying products!

All we have to do to sell products is to turn the customer’s want into a need. How can you do that?

Most beginner sellers try to sell their product by giving features to make them gain pleasure. It’s a good thing but it’s not as effective as giving them a solution to avoid pain.


How To Make Customers Buy Your Product

Here are the proven ways to make your customers buy your product,

  1. You need to find out the customer’s need: If your customer doesn’t need the product that you’re selling, don’t try to waste your time selling a product to people who don’t need it.
  2. Find out their values: Find what motivates them to buy a product, is it because they want to avoid pain or gain pleasure,
  3. Fill those needs by amplifying their pain: From pain, I mean, give them a reason that if they don’t buy this product. Their pain will continue to be there in life
  4. Give them the solution to the problem with your product: Tell them that your product will not only heal their problems but also improve their life.

For example, you’re selling a pen to a customer. You ask them if they have a pen, if they do, ask them if they have a pen right now. Most of the time, they have a pretty low tier to medium tier pen.

Now you ask them what their colleague’s pens are. Usually, if they hang around executives or people higher than them, they usually have a high tier pen.

Knowing this, you amplify their pain by maybe telling them in a high corporate environment. Something as small as a pen can give you a good impression on other colleagues.

You then offer them your product and tell them that with your high-quality pen, the customer will not only look more professional (internal) but it will give them the most comfortable experience on using a pen (external)


Now, maybe you think that all of this feels wrong. Maybe you think it’s a little manipulative.

Well, it is but its for the better because you know that what you’re offering is going to help your customers in their life.

A bonus tip for you: People don't act unless they feel some kind of pressure to do so


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