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How To Use Your Ebay Feedback To Make More Sales

Updated on October 29, 2011

 If you're starting to take your Ebay Sales more seriously then you need to start learning about marketing. I know, I know it sounds a bit daunting and that you have start doing stuff face to face promoting what you sell on ebay like the guys standing in your local supermarket with testers but that really isn't the case. Marketing can be done in many different ways and what comes under the word " Marketing " is huge. Once I started looking at how to market my ebay to make more sales thats what happened! My sales started to dramatically increase. The thing is once you've initially set up some of your marketing strategies you can " set and forget " about them. So long after you've set them up they can still be working making you money. There are many many different Ways you can market yourself more on ebay to increase sales. If you've selected your ebay name wisely, that is memorable then you have made it 10 times easier to make more sales with your marketing. Try sticking, "Get a 10% at 0896543bbees " on a business flyer, the chances are no ones going to even bother because not only is it not memorable it doesn't give you any idea as to what you sell. If you was put " Get a 10% Discount on your next order at BargainMp3s " You're definately going to get some returning Customers.

 So what does all this have to do with Ebay Feedback? Well when you start to take things a little more seriously on ebay you'll understand that Traffic is king, someone has to see what you are selling for it to be even possible for someone to even think about buying something from you. This is where marketing comes in, using marketing strategies you will be pulling in more traffic. You need to get your name out there and one way to do this for free is using your feedback to get your name out there. On the backend of every sale you make you can be putting your name out there. Yes when someone buys from you, your feedback that you leave will have your ebay name beside it, but thats not enough. It blends in with everyone else ebay name running in the same column. The Majority of people will check through people feedback to see their reputation so this is where you can grab their attention and send them to your shop. So you need to use your ebay name in feedback you leave. Now you have to be very careful with this, it very annoying when you get feedback from someone and it says " Great Ebayer More Great Items actionfiguresrus come check them out " that is a blaitent marketing feedback reply. You want to be more delicate than that and if you are you could get browsing customers in to your shop.

Here are some examples you could use in your feedback.

Great Ebayer Fast Payment Always Welcome Back At Yourebayname A+++++++

Fast Payment Smooth Transaction Thank You From Yourebayname A+++++++++

Excellent ebayer Fast Payment One of out best Customers At yourebayname A+++++

Now you can make your feedback stand out with symbols but these sometimes get glanced over because they are not pleasent on the eye. Although there are some that are quite creative and these definately do catch peoples eyes and make them read. The above examples are perfect for what you need but if you want to get a little creative thats fine just re read it yourself and see whether you would actually read it.

Just by doing this simple technique you can be pulling in customers that weren't even looking for you. You're also doing it on the back of making sales in the first place. If your sales increase to the thousands think how much your name will be about. This is why its important you select a good name for your ebay business.

You're missing out how you can make serious amounts of money on eBay. Visit to learn how people are making thousands of dollars and simple techniques to increase your existing eBay sales.


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      riclau_75 6 years ago

      great tip, and that is my favorite ebay picture, for eBay logo. jsut created my first hub page, with an ebay tip, you might want to look at it and leave your comments , will be greatly appreciated.