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How To Get Traffic To Your Internet Marketing Sales Pages

Updated on January 26, 2012

A lot of successful internet marketers are using sales pages to help them sell a lot of products on the internet and this can make them a lot of money. Learning about various elements of an effective sales page and finding out how to apply proven copywriting techniques to the letter so you can promote the product you are selling can help you convert more browsers to customers. First, you have to get those browsers, though so let’s look at some techniques for getting interested buyers to your sales letter.

Getting Traffic to your sales letter/sales page

There are a lot of different ways to get traffic to your sales page including:

  • Pay-per-click traffic
  • Organic SEO
  • Link-based marketing

Pay-Per Click Traffic

The most popular pay-per-click program is Google Adwords. There are several programs like this one but because of Google’s success, it tends to be the most popular marketing method.

Google Adwords campaigns are one way to get traffic by paying for traffic on a per click basis. To do that, you would bid on a keyword that you want your advertisements displayed for then you write a short ad that will attract people to click. You need to write these ads really well in order to convince people to click. You have about 2 lines of text to convince your target customer to get them to your sales page and every click will cost you money that may or may not result in a sale.

There are several good approaches you can use including:

  • Special offers
  • Curiosity
  • Answering questions

Ad Technique #1:
Sale ends today on e-book that stops panic attacks. Save 50% if you buy now!

Ad Technique #2:
Learn the secrets to stopping panic attacks from an expert guru by clicking here.

Ad Technique #3:
What’s the fastest way to stop a panic attack from setting in? Click here to find out!

If you can work as many elements into this as possible, you can get plenty of clicks:

Blended Technique:
Want answers on the groundbreaking new way to stop panic attacks now? Secrets Revealed! Click here for your 50% off discount code!

Special Offers
If you offer a special deal, this can make your ad stand out from competing ads and organic search engine results.

An ad that piques interest of someone surfing for information on a topic is a smart tactic. Curiosity is what propels a lot of traffic. People may be interested in a topic and advertisements can lead them to related products.

Answering Questions
If you’re bidding on a keyword related to your niche, people browsing for information might click your ad if they believe your site will answer their questions about a product they are interested in buying.

Let’s take a look at these three ad methods based on selling a product that helps people who have recurring problems with panic attacks:

Keep an Eye on the Money!

Getting people to click your pay-per click ads will cost you money so it’s important that:

1. You target the right audience with your advertisement

2. You’ve got a great sales page that will convert that reader into a customer.

Analyze your sales on a regular basis to see if your pay-per-click ads are effective. They may bring readers in but if the copywriting on your sales page doesn’t address several key issues in the sales cycle, you probably won’t make any sales. It can be a learning process so it may take a bit of time and money to find out what works.


Organic SEO or search engine optimization happens when you achieve search engine index results. That means that the content in your sales letter proved to be relevant enough to your topic in the eyes of search engines that it warranted listing you for results on particular keywords and phrases.

There are a lot of ways to achieve search engine optimization, including:

  • Optimizing your text with relevant keywords that people are using to search for your topic. Do try to optimize for keywords with plenty of traffic but not too much competition. Learn all you can about local and Long Tail SEO. There are a lot of keyword tools you can use to find keywords related to your niche.

  • Writing a great description when you create your sales page. This means writing a great Adwords-like ad for your page so that when it shows in search engine results pages, it’ll convince people scanning search engine results to click on your ad instead of the other marketers competing for top spots and attention for those keywords.
  • Make a site map for your sales page and add a few sections that are also optimized for keywords including: a section of informational articles, an “About” page that talks about you, a testimonials section, et cetera. You might even add a blog to your sales page where you periodically write updates about your product as a blog can bring in continuous streams of traffic both from people as well as from search engines.


Link based marketing happens when you attract people to your sales page through links that exist on other websites.

You can do this many ways such as through:

  • Web 2.0 information pages such as Squidoo Lenses and HubPages that create information pages about the product you are marketing to pre-sell the reader. You end the article with a link to your sales page for more information so the reader gravitates to the page.
  • Article marketing in article directories creates a link to a sales page for more information and the article can establish you as a subject matter expert. You can also pre-sell readers here as well by writing valuable articles that answer questions and pique further curiosity.
  • Blog links where you link to products in the body of blog posts as well as in blog comments and blog sidebars.

Link marketing can bring you search engine optimization results as well as bring you human readers so it can be very valuable from a self-promotion perspective and a great thing about link marketing is that it doesn’t cost money like a pay-per click campaign. It just takes effort.

A report on obtaining traffic through various methods could be written alone here so these are just some basic ideas for you but let’s get to what this report is really about:

Create a great sales page that you can use to sell products online!

Whether you’re selling your own product or selling an affiliate product through sales pages, you need to include several elements so that you can get people through the whole letter and clicking on the “Buy Now” button with their credit card in hand.


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by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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