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How Unique Can Custom Bathroom Signs Be If You Need to Comply with ADA Standards?

Updated on September 3, 2013
Custom Bathroom Signs
Custom Bathroom Signs | Source

One of the signs that need to comply with ADA standards is the bathroom sign. As surprising as this may be to some people, the reason why most bathroom signs look alike is because of its need to follow the standards that the ADA set for permanent spaces or rooms. Did you know that despite these rigid rules for ADA compliance, you can actually create custom bathroom signs that are different from others?

Some of the elements that can be found on these signs are required to help people with visual impairments easily understand what these signs are saying. These elements include tactile letters, Braille translations and color contrasts between the background and the characters on the sign. All of these, along with sans serif fonts and proper mounting height, are needed in order to make it easier for people with disabilities to read them.

So, with the need to follow these stipulations, what can you customize when it comes to your custom bathroom signs? You do have quite a number of options for customization when it comes to these signs and these include the pictograms you use, the materials that you utilize and other design elements. When it comes to the other parts of these signs, you actually have numerous choices as well even though these need to follow ADA rules.

This means that you do have a lot of options when it comes to customizing your bathroom signs and you do have some freedom to choose what to do despite the rather stringent rules covering ADA signs. So, how do you customize your bathroom signs to make these look unique even with the numerous rules surrounding its creation? You can start by choosing the kind of material that you feel will aptly represent the design aesthetic of your establishment.

Keeping in mind the rules for color contrast, you can then choose the color needed for your text and graphics. Once that is chosen, still with ADA rules being followed, you can then select the font you will use for these signs. The fonts you will choose from also need to be ADA approved and are all sans serif type fonts which are easy to read with the use of the fingers.

Customization of bathroom signs will require that you carefully keep track of all the rules that this kind of a sign needs to follow. You can tweak your sign to look the way you want it to look provided that none of the guidelines are overlooked. Forgetting to add essential elements to your signs to make them compliant can mean added costs to you and your company. This is because you may find yourself being fined for non-compliance plus you will also need to redo your signs to make them compliant with ADA standards.

If you are looking to make your bathroom signs look unique, funny, artistic or simply different, you can do so without having to worry about compliance issues as long as you do keep in mind what elements are essential to these signs. If you think that you cannot pull off such a feat, there is still a way for you to have your custom bathroom signs on your walls while still being compliant. This can be done by using two signs instead of only one.


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