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How Your Values Define You. Change Your Values, Change Your Life

Updated on January 8, 2016

Every person in the world can be defined by their values as we all have them. If you were to just find out what someone’s values are and not actually meet the person, it’s probably fair to say that you would have a good idea as to whether or not you were going to get along with them, just from knowing their values. See generally speaking, we are attracted to, and surround ourselves with, people that share the same values as us. However whilst it may be challenging to deny your values, it is by no means impossible to change them. You will, more often than not, make the majority of your daily decisions, based around your top five values, so they influence us quite significantly.

Once you identify your top five values you gain an insight as to how you think and function, but more over, you can identify areas of weakness or areas of your character that perhaps you want to improve/work on. Our values have the capacity to help us evolve and redefine the person that we are. Holding true to your good values makes you a person of integrity and substance, the characteristics of great leaders. What are your values?:

Before reading on find out what your top 5 values are by watching the video below.

So what did your values say about you? Were you able to define some of your strengths and weaknesses? Through analysis comes enlightenment. If there is a person in your life now that doesn’t comply with your values and they are hindering you from going after what you want, it may be time to ‘cut the dead weight’. Now I don’t say this lightly, but in life, we can have friends for a: reason, a season or a lifetime. The majority of the friends you have over the course of your life, will fit into one of those three categories. Your values determines where they sit. Moreover, from a leadership standpoint, how do you think your values have influenced your leadership and decision making process? Take the last 3 major decisions you made and analyse them to see how your values influenced your final decision. The more in tune you are with your values, the more in tune you become with your leadership process.

Find out what your top 5 values are.


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