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How a Virtual Assistant Service Changed My World

Updated on May 9, 2017

At the outset, I want to confess that I am not a tech-savvy person.I still read “physical” books – yes, the love for the smell of books is greater than the love for Kindle and my Sunday is never complete without solving the crossword in the paper. However, with the wave of technological developments taking over this era, I have geared up myself to put to use a few applications that help my day become easier. Simple benefits like using Uber, setting reminders about meetings or using Airbnb to find places to stay, were blowing away my mind as to how much simpler things have become. This was until I discovered the magic word – Virtual Assistant, a dedicated assistant at just a fraction of the cost of having a physical assistant. That’s when I started researching on the best Virtual Assistant service provider. Needless to say, that was a lengthy process, considering the amount of research I put into just buying my washing detergent, an assistant who could change your life is worth the time spent.

As part of my research to find the best service, I have used quite a few Virtual Assistant providers like Fancy Hands, GetFriday, Habiliss and Brickwork. While Fancy Hands had excellent service, the quality has been going downhill. Right from not being able to call your assistant to not completing tasks on time, the company has managers who can neither handle clients nor the Virtual Assistants. That was when I shifted to GetFriday. Though initially I was pretty happy with how the tasks were handled, Things started slowing down after a while. Moreover, changing assistants often by itself made it difficult, and they did not help much with the shift over.

I was particularly elated when I started using the services of Habiliss. For starters, Habiliss provides you with a dedicated personal assistant to take away your stress of your daily tasks so you can focus on the big things. I have been using Habiliss' services for about two years now, and I have to say this – consistency in quality and TAT has not changed even a bit even after the many changes they have been through, in these two years. Although I had a dedicated assistant initially, I went for a task-based package for a one-time project I tried for a small home based business I started last year. For a bad planner like I am, making travel reservations or arranging parties has always been more stressful than fun. Last one I tried was BrickWork India, the more I used, I realized that the response was not real time and that there was always a delay. They are one of those over promise and under deliver virtual assistant services who also are not cost-effective.

With the dedicated assistant at Habiliss, all my everyday tasks become a cake walk. Further a lot of other tasks like managing my calendar, setting up meetings and reminders, managing my data entries to even wishing people on my behalf are taken care of. Can you even believe how stress free life becomes! I wanted to take the time to review these services and help people like me looking for the best services (from India) but not sure which one to go for. We mostly end up wasting our time and energy trying out so many of them and end up frustrated finally. I would say try Habiliss Virtual Assistants first (they are relatively the most cost-effective anyway), if it doesn’t suit your requirement or satisfy enough, you can always try the other ones. Good luck with your search!


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    • profile image

      Monica 3 months ago

      Totally agree, I always read up's reviews before I go for any VA service. I keep changing them often according to my needs and when I find a cheaper one. But from experience I think its better to stick one assistant so you get a good rapport.

    • profile image

      Jessica Hamilton 3 months ago

      I am a client of Habiliss too and very satisfied with the Turnaround Time, quality of work and attention to detail. My dedicated assistant is always reachable and I feel taken care of. Hope the service quality remains the same, else am planning to try something else on ur list next...