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How and Where To Find Data Entry Jobs That Are Genuine

Updated on October 30, 2013

How and Where To Find Data Entry Jobs That Are Genuine


Data entry can be a great way of making money for anyone. In fact, many people have really made money through this platform. It includes typing jobs, filling of forms, using spreadsheet among others. I will love to discuss extensively on where or how to find a genuine data entry jobs in this article. This article will also be very useful for those looking for genuine data entry jobs in India. I hope you will find it very interesting.

What Qualifies You For Data Entry Jobs

The first thing you need to survive as a data entry worker is the ability to type as many words per minute. You may need to be able to type around 50 words or more per minute. Data entry also involves entering data into a spreadsheet, this means that for you to be an efficient data entry worker you will need the knowledge of computer programs like Microsoft Excel. Mastering of computer programs like this increases your chances of getting data entry jobs.

Where to Find Data Entry Jobs

There are many places that claim to provide data entry jobs but not all of them can be trusted. I have taken time to investigate one platform that provides data jobs and how to get the best from this website. Of course there are many websites that claim to provide this type of job but I will advice that you focus on one of them (So far it is genuine) in order to increase your chances of having a good reputation on any website you have chosen. I will like to take a critical look at one of the website I trust to be providing data entry jobs. The name of the website I have chosen is

How to be a Data Entry Guru on

The first thing I will like you to know is that, you need to stay focus and be timely in your work in order to get the best out of this site. So I quite believe that with proper skill it is quite easy to find job on this website. In order to explain in details, I will be using screen shots along with my explanations.

Requirement you Need to be Able to Work for This website

Signing up on this website is free and simple. And you can apply for jobs as soon as you sign up. All you need to increase your chances of getting a job is to build your profile. To build your profile, you must make sure that you have adequate knowledge about this data entry. You must also make sure you complete jobs on time. Also fill your profile accurately and in details. These will increase your reputation and allows you the opportunity to find a better job.

Finding a Data Entry Job on This Platform

You will first sign up and fill your profile. After this you then bid for job. Before you bid for a job make sure you have gone through the instructions so as to know what you are expected to do.

Screen Shot Showing The Data Entry Jobs

In the screen shot above, the available jobs under the data entry are shown (see the red arrow). You are expected to select from these. Make sure you take time to read as many as possible job listing before you bid for one

Screen Shot Showing The Feedback Section

In the screen shot above, it is shown that you can search for jobs using feedbacks. This enables you to bid for jobs that have quality feedback. For example we only have 174 jobs with 5 stars feedback under the data entry job listing.

Screen Shot Showing Job Description

You then click on the job so as to get the details of the job, you read through the details and see if it satisfies your taste (this is shown in the screen shot above). If you are ok with it then you bid and wait for the response of your employer.

Mode of Payment on This Website

Qouting from the website, "We offer a variety of ways to withdraw money from your oDesk account. Depending on your country, these include ACH, local funds transfers, PayPal, Moneybookers, pre-paid debit cards, and wire transfers." Also when talking about how soon they pay, they said that "hourly jobs are paid on a weekly basis. Fixed-price projects are paid according to a schedule agreed upon by you and your client." That's all about how to find work data entry jobs.

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