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Simple and Effective Way To Conduct an Employee Review or Performance

Updated on December 28, 2010

For a few years now I have had to conduct performance reviews or "one 2 ones" as I like to call them to ensure that my team are happy, know what is expected of them, are motivated and also have a goal or target to work towards.

This is not an appraisal review as it is more regular than an appraisal and alot more informal. Its important for members of your team to feel valued and this is a way to get them to feel appreciated and worthwhile in their roles within the workplace. My technique is not only simple and effective but it has also proved to be successful.

I conduct "one 2 Ones" every 2 weeks and these can even be a simple chat over the coffee machine to say "what a great job your doing keep it up", this keeps your staff happy and motivated to keep doing what they are doing. Always prepare beforehand by simply writing down achievements or targets achieved or good feedback from a customer, any issues that you have, for example excessive time off or lateness, bad customer service and so on.

An Example of a simple "One 2 One"

Name: Miss Employee

Date: 30/09/2010

Overview of the last 2 weeks: You have proven that you are great working with targets as you have hit them consistently so well done. Your input into team work is good, I have noticed you helping newer members of the team. (Give your staff praise or constructive criticism)

Issues: You have been late for work on numerous occasions which is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.(pick up any issues with them, these will usually be minor as any major issues should be dealt with at the time of it happening).

Overview and going forward: Apart from our 1 issue, I am pleased with how you are getting on and your targets for the next few weeks are XXXX. (Set them targets and goals to achieve ready for the follow up, always make sure that these are achievable)

Employee comments: This one to one is about you, do you have anything which you would like to discuss? (Give them the chance to talk to you and let them tell you how they are feeling in the work place, its their a chance for them to speak about anything whats bothering them or even to tell you that you have helped them and for them to thank you for what you are doing)

This is just an example and can be added to as much or as little as you want obviously depending on each individual employee. Remember this is an informal chat about their performance and attitude towards work so dont make it a massive issue, its not there for you to just criticise, its a way to work through issues and discuss training needs and of course praise. If you work with targets then explain about targets given to the individual and depending on whether its a short or in depth "one 2 one" you can work out their percentage achieved and go into detail with them.

It is very easy to get wrapped up in your work or business, so you need to ensure that you make time for your staff and communicate with them, if your team are happy you will get alot more out of them and your business will run more smoothly.



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