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How important is the physical appearance for security guard job

Updated on August 10, 2015

When you think about security guard the first thing that comes into mind is a muscular personality with an exceptional height and weight. So, the question here is that whether a security guard needs to be tall and strong, which can throw out the apprehender with one hand. To some extent this perception is justified, as looks and physical appearance does matter. However, there are certain other things, which are required for the most of the security jobs.

The job requirements for a guard require a person to be in good mental and physical health. So a person of average height and physical appearance may be stated as eligible for the job. Besides this, if a person has an extraordinary physic and strength, this may serve as a plus point in this regard. Security agencies provide guards for the purpose of guarding one’s body and assets. They recruit different eligible candidates who have obtained requisite training for the security jobs. Apart from this, what else they look for a person to be appointed as a security guard is explained in the lines given below.

What kind of task is assigned?

If an agency is providing security services to a bar, pub or night club, the security guard appointed for this purpose must have strong muscles and excessive height. This type of guard can perform the job well, as the job requires throwing out such people who are messing with other people or with the management. Hence, the appearance and physical condition of candidates seeking security jobs in this area does matter a lot.

Skill factor

For a security guard, normally two kinds of skills are really important including physical and mental. Physical skills are necessary if a security guard needs to chase a thief, offender or an unauthorized visitor. At times, a guard may have to control a mob or crowd and in this situation, overall fitness does play a vital role. On the other hand, mental skills also have great value when candidates are shortlisted for security jobs. Since a security guard armed with deadly weapon is itself a danger for the public at large. So person selected for this kind of job must have good control over his/her nerves. It is so because a situation may arise where a guard needs to control the things effectively by a viable strategy.

Professional approach

Mostly a security guard is considered as a representative of the security agency and can affect their overall business by providing services in a highly professional way. Hence, professionalism is another factor which a recruitment agency pay heeds to while finding suitable candidates for security jobs. As a matter of fact, if a person is in good shape but failed to follow professionalism, this may amount to be a negative impact over the security agency. On the contrary, if a security guard has an average body size but is capable to perform the duty in a thorough professional way, the client will surely approach the same security agency next time.


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