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How important it is to hire a security guard?

Updated on August 16, 2015

Hiring a security guard for personal security and that of property has become a status symbol. Hence, more people are seeking security guards jobs, as it is a well-paid and challenging job for most of the youngsters. However, the question here is that whether a security guard really saves your business or it is just a mindset, which urges you to hire a security guard.

Occasionally it has been seen that security guards just sit outside the premises or in an office and doing nothing. This might not be the case in most of the high profile sites, as guards here are vigilant and constantly perform security checks. So, it mainly depends on the professional attitude of a people hired for security guards jobs.

Being a security guard the job requires hard work with a view to protect the respective people and their assets. Hence, one can say that security guards have two basic duties to perform. The most important one is to maintain a secure and protected environment for the business or day to day routine of a client. In this way, the client can manage his/her business in a peaceful manner and earn considerable amount of money. The second fundamental duty is to respond vigilantly to any illegal or unauthorized interference in client’s premises. So, security guards jobs are more demanding and dangerous than you might have thought.

The true benefit of hiring a security guard is observed when an alarming situation or serious threat is anticipated. As if there is no guard to avert such circumstances, possibilities are there to lose a considerable amount of money and overall reputation of one’s business. Hence, at times, the decision of hiring a security guard may come handy and you get return of your investment made on security guards jobs.

In other words, even a single bullet fired at your business place can cause damage in terms of monitory loss, which would be much greater than the collective wages of a security guard for one whole year. These and some other examples can throw some light over the necessary role played by a guard for protection of your life and business.

It is estimated that an inexperienced security guard may minimize the chances of any unpleasant incidence up to 10%. Similarly, a well-trained guard is capable of securing your property and business by reducing the threats of illegal interruption by 50%. Therefore, it is not necessary to calculate the overall expenses incurred over security guards jobs, but to see how beneficial such a decision would be for the protection and betterment of your business.

The calculation in this regard is very simple, if it is required to convince you to hire a security guard. Let’s suppose that you pay $10/hour to a security guard for the specific duty but what such a guard protect, may amount to your millions of property and assets. This factor is more important if you have a reasonable number of employees working in your company, as in a threatening and insecure environment the overall abilities of employees are affected to a great extent.


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