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How is Clickbank Gravity Calculated

Updated on December 31, 2011

Clickbank Gravity Explained

How is Clickbank Gravity Calculated?

I have had a number of people asking me over the last couple of months exactly how Clickbanks Gravity is calculated. Gravity is made up of an overall score for a product depending on how many affiliates are making sales with that product.

If an affiliate starts promoting a Clickbank Product say for instance Maverick Money Makers and after a couple of days of promotion they make a sale then they will give that product an overall score of 1. If another affiliate is also promoting the product and makes a sale then the overall score would become 2.

It is important to understand though that if one affiliate sells 5 or 6 copies of that product that day it doesn't mean that the overall score would be 5 or 6. Each affiliate can only ever add 1 point to the overall gravity score. This is put in place to give a proper indication of how well a product converts on an affiliate by affiliate basis.

If they added gravity for each sale it would give a false reading as some affiliates have huge mailing lists etc that can produce massive amounts of sales while other affiliates might only have a small website with a small amount of traffic but it is actually converting far better than a huge mailing list.

What happens with a Clickbank Refund?

It is important to note that in the case of a product refund, given that Clickbank has the 8 week refund policy on every single item they have in their marketplace the gravity score will be deleted until that affiliate brings in another sale.

A lot of affiliate marketers promoting Clickbank products go for the higher gravity scores as they know they are proven sellers and while this is true sometimes especially for a beginner affiliate marketer this can be a huge mistake as these products have huge amounts of competition. Beginners should be looking at products that have lower gravity scores but gravity scores that are rising. You can checkout CBENGINE to get the latest Gravity scores rising in gravity.

Clickbank Guide Video - How to Make Money with Clickbank

How important is the Gravity score on Clickbank?

 When it comes to the gravity score overall with Clickbank it is pretty important, but just because something has a score of 200+ doesn't mean that you are going to make a ton of sales with it.  You will need to check to make sure that the product is not declining in gravity.  Yes just as gravity increases it can also decrease.  This can sometimes mean that a products overall lifespan is over but not always.  Sometimes gravity decreases as affiliates start to think that the market for that product is saturated and they dump the product and move on to a new one.  So keep that in mind when searching for suitable products to your niche.


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