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How much is the unemployment rate according to statistics?

Updated on February 19, 2013

This is numbers, about 7-8 percent, that suggest that the people who are not working in the United States are not totally correct. The research suggest that the real unemployment figure is more like 60 percent.

This includes all the population, not just the people who are in the typical working age bracket.

With the Baby Boomers starting to retire, there will be more unemployed, retired and people drawing pensions, Social Security and Welfare.

The main idea that is being made is that the United States can not continue on the course that it is now headed, with the massive give-outs, Social Security fraud, increasing debt and spending.

Spread work ethic not the wealth
Spread work ethic not the wealth | Source

Unemployment according to the Government Stats

This is how to lie with statistics and the following will represent different websites and information containing the stats. When the unemployment figures say that there are so many unemployed, this is going with those who are getting unemployment payments through claims.

7.9 percent in October, 2012 reported by Trading Economics

7.8-10.0 percentages in October 2012 by US Department Numbers

According to the Wikipedia, there are 27% of the population less than age 20 and 13% of the population greater than age 65 years old. This leaves 60% that would be considered able to be in the work force and 40% that are not working. The following information will subtract from the 60 percent.

Some of the people work and have jobs that are less than age 20 and there are people who have reached age 65 and above mark who still have jobs and are still active. This would represent 40 percent unemployed of the population.

The findings here represent more than 12 percent in the workforce age that are not in the unemployment figures. Add this to the already growing 7.9 and the United States has alt least 19.9 percent unemployment. This is a very conservative figure because there are avenues that have not been researched and documented. There are countless part time jobs that are considered "jobs" by the unemployment figures but are not enough to provide enough income for a person or family. So if we started with 60 percent of the population that are able to work in the workforce, this means that we should add the 19.9 percent to the 40 percent that are not in the population that are not working, resulting in about 60 percent of the population that are unemployed and only 40 percent are working.

Most of the Population that are in K-12 schools do not work

The employment figures do not lie,do they? It depends on who is giving the numbers, what the purpose of the report and how the numbers are being used. For all practical purposes, the numbers do lie at the people's level of understanding. The reports that the government gives out makes the politicians and government leaders look like they are doing a great job, which in fact, the reports are down and out lies. It is selling great looking apples, knowing that they are full of worms and rotten. The people who is buying the apples are taking the word of the seller and is not inspecting the goods.

Let us take some time to look at the goods, why don't we.

We will start out with the population of the United States

312,780,968 people is the number given by US News

311,591,917 people is the number of the US by Google

Now let us see who is not working in the United States and subtract the number each time and then at then toward the end, the percentage will be taken

The children in kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high school. (assuming that the high school students are not working, but some do.) There are still others that are under the age of going to school that would not be counted in this bracket.

The United States Census states that there are 294,138.000 children enrolled in schools but this in not accurate because this has public schools and there are many home-schoolers and this also includes colleges

72 million is reported by as the enrollment in schools in 1999( 8 million in nursery and kindergarten schools, 33 million in elementary schools, 16 million in high school and 15 million in college.) Many people that are in colleges have part or full time jobs.

Sill again, the government numbers have changed again, reporting 49.8 million students are attending elementary and secondary schools, but adds that 21.6 million students will attend colleges and universities.

TOTAL K-12 ENROLLMENT:is 55,235,000 according to the Center for Education Reform

So, let us say that there are around 50 million students in Schools that do not work and let us say that this is about 15-20 percent of the population.

Jail Cell Unemployment

The people of the United States rarely talk about those people lost in the jail system and the citizens know very little of the population of the United States that are in the Jail Cells. These people are getting free hand outs, free food, free lodging, free upkeep, free maintenance, free 7 day, 24 hour security, free showers, free electricity, free education and free tv services. The majority of these inmates do not work and do not contribute to the social welfare of the United States. So how many of these people are we talking about?

Not only are these inmates getting free handouts, free housing and education, the guards and wardens are also getting the salaries and benefits to house these people. Yahoo Answers quotes that the housing and overhead for those in jail as being about 45 thousand dollars per inmate per year.

2009 it was 743 adults incarcerated per 100,000 population according to Wikipedia / maybe up to 3.1 percent of adults in the U.S. resident population are under some kind of correctional supervision, according to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics

ABC News reports that there are 2.3 million inmates in custody (762 inmates per 100,000 population )

So let us go with the 2.3 million people in jail, which would be about 1 percent of the population of the United States..

Welfare People

Welfare is considered government handouts, usually when the people are not working, refusing to work and/or unfit to work. Whether these people are entitled legally or illegally,they are still getting entitlements from the government, without working for those benefits.

Welfare is considered a helping hand, but the welfare recipients continue to receive the handouts generation after generation and taking tax money out of the system and making others pay more out of their paycheck.

Just how many people are on this welfare payroll in the United States?

ANSWERS states" it is 29,900,000 or roughly 8% of the total population in the United States".

Statistic Brain reports the Percentage of the US population on welfare is 4.1 %

Disabled People not working

What about Disabled People not working?

The Heritage Foundation reports that the Disabled People now receiving the Disabled Insurance is about 6 percent of the United States population.

This rate is increasing, according to the Heritage Foundation because of limited jobs and unemployment insurance running out. These people are trying to survive because of no jobs, no money and no resources.

Retired People

The retired people are a growing number by themselves that will grow each year due to the "Baby-Boomer" generation.

These people who are retired and do not work seems to count up to 10 percent of the United States Population by the Atlantic Wire

Homeless people who are out of the system

There are thousands of people that have no home, no ownership and are not employed. The percentage of the United States is stated as 1 percent by Anawim Christian Community


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    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 5 years ago

      In a way about way, I am trying to say that there are more people not working than there are working. It seems that there are about less than 40 percent working. With the baby-boomers starting to retire, the percentage will be even less and more people will not be working. This is an aging population along with some other countries like Japan.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I'm truly not sure what your point is, and I'm not trying to be obstinate or argumentative. Statistics can be skewed by anyone; anytime we read statistics we have to questions the source and question what information is being left out. Are you saying that the unemployment figures in this country are not as bad as we are being told?